Internet Explorer 9 beta now available for download

Internet Explorer 9 is now available for download.

Don't forget to check out our preview for a brief overview of the new features. If you're interested in enabling these features on your own website then we also have a guide on how to enable some of the jumplist and pin features of Internet Explorer 9.

Download: Internet Explorer 9 beta

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1./ Back button is way TOO BIG. Back/Forward buttons should be the same like in IE8 or Window Explorer file manager. Consistancy is important.
2./ Combine Stop and Reload buttons to save space, now when you have tabs beside adress bar, every pixel counts.
3./ Stop/Reload/Go/Search or compatibility view button icons in adress bar should be colored the same like in IE8 or Window Explorer file manager and not grayscale. Consistancy is important.

IE 9 seems to have a problem with I have made a few posts that don't show up, and posts that say 20 seconds ago, were 2 hours ago...

downhillrider said,
in their screeenshot you can see the sites favicon to the left of the back button but I dont see that

It only displays like that for pinned sites

Everything left of the tab bar is disappointingly ugly and looks like the browser's alignment broke. Completely unprofessional.

Guys.... On my old inspiron 9300, I cannot enable the GPU rdering. It consists of a ati x300 128MB card that is DX9 capable. is there a way to force it on?

vraev said,
Guys.... On my old inspiron 9300, I cannot enable the GPU rdering. It consists of a ati x300 128MB card that is DX9 capable. is there a way to force it on?

d2d requires dx10

Does IE9 beta uninstall cleanly?
Don't want to be not able to install the final version when it comes.
Or worse, reinstall Windows just to install the final version.

Why I cannot delete items in my favorite folder? It's out of date and I want to import from firefox. Everytime I try to delete it always says 'the item is no longer located in....' and it don't let me delete. Does anyone have the same issue that I have?

anyone got problems with the internet connection? after installing IE9 I lost conectivity, lan card enable but could start 3 processes: base filtering, windows firewall & diagnostic policy service (all of them in automatic but no strart not even manually)

Using it now nd liking it - but (and yes I know its a beta and very 'unfinished'......but) I want better tab placement, I want the 'show all tabs' button, I want to be able to customise it a little (although I'm not to bothered about this as I also work in IT support and having a standard layout helps when you cant remote onto a device).

Also in MS CRM 4.0 I'm getting an app error when closing any entity window (CRM error not IE error) - how do I submit feedback/error reports?

I like the fact that Microsoft has decided it needs to move away from the IE7 style but they could have made a much better effort than this.
The whole thing looks a bit crampped to be honest. I would have thought they woul have went with the 'File' menu in the title bar that they 'pioneered' with Office. And you don't really save any space when you use an add on which adds an extra bar anyway.
My biggest problem with Microsoft is the inconsistency they have between all their products. This has no UI in common with any other Microsoft program.

A step in the right direction, but musch more needed before the final release to get me to change back to IE.

I'm totally disappointed with IE9 Beta(YES! It's still beta), it still can't render page for an example i put my cursor on banner (that image sliding thing)...other bowsers show white shadow but IE9 doesn't. I've already face another problem with facebook. In IE9 when i get new notification it shows but doesn't update just notification menu. Just high lights my old notification. Totally annoying.

youtube suggestions r not work in IE9 any one have the same prob?
and this IE9 is so fast but not handle flash games well has chrome. chrome is so fast and still not have a good browser to compete against it
(ex: try texas holdem from zynga in facebook IE9 takes ages to open)

Not impressed with the fact that it crashes 4/5 times when opening an Ajax page, not to mention Cufon/jQuery doesn't work on 50% of the websites that I normally visit that use it. Pathetic so far.

I think IE9 beta is great but it doesn't work with some download site ie Ad aware and downloading torrents it has problems too but I'm sure MS will fix this with the official version.

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