Internet Explorer to stomp pop-ups

Microsoft plans to add pop-up blocking features to Internet Explorer next year as part of its Service Pack 2 update for Windows XP, a move that would go far toward stamping out the Web advertisements.

Darin Linnman, a Microsoft spokesman, said that the company plans to add the pop-up blocking feature to an updated version of Explorer with Service Pack 2 (SP2) when it's released in the first half of next year. But one caveat, he said, is that Microsoft will be gathering customer feedback that will be weighed as part of the final decision to add the feature. "I can confirm SP2 will include an update to IE that adds pop-up blocking," Linnman said.

By adding pop-up blocking tools to IE, Microsoft will belatedly join a host of other Web browser makers that let people avoid flashy pop-ups, or advertising windows that appear over or behind requested Web pages. Opera, Mozilla and Netscape--all of which have only a minor share of the total browser market--give users the option to seamlessly block intrusive advertising while surfing the Web. Because Microsoft dominates the browser market, it could greatly influence people's ability to remove the ads with ease. "A lot of marketers may be mad at Microsoft (because of it), but it could go a long way to killing the pop-up problem. It's just an easier solution to turn it off in the browser" rather than to download anti-pop-up software, said Richard Smith, an Internet security consultant.

News source: C|Net

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This is going to bring some of the people who have strayed away, back to IE. For those of you saying they copied it from mozilla, the guys at mozilla definitely didn't have the idea first.

Either way, this is pretty cool. I know the popup blocker in MSN 9 works perfectly (meaning hasn't let one popup in that I havent wanted and hasn't blocked one popup that I did want). Not even Firebird, which I use primarily, has worked as flawlessly.

> 1.4 Classic. Absolute gem.

to the rest of you, its not about MS bashing. Its about microsoft's long and weak history of taking other ideas, and implementing them into MS products. I'm not anti-microsoft, i run windows XP without any feelings of resentment.

And who said MS wanted to buy mozilla out? I certainly didn't.