Internet security makes top 10 list of child health concerns

A March 2007 national poll by a Michigan hospital has concluded that parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of the Internet. Smoking and drug abuse still top the list, with respectively 40% and 39% of respondents concerned about the two similar issues. That doesn't mean Internet safety isn't on the minds of US parents: it's number 7 on the top 10 list at 26% of parents calling it a big problem. According to the study, women were more likely to call it a big problem: 32% of them rated it as a large area of concern compared to just 21% of men. Internet safety fell in between teen pregnancy (28%) and school violence (24%) – the survey was conducted prior to the Virginia Tech massacre. Respondents of all income and education levels had similar levels of concern about the World Wide Web according to the researchers.

View: C.S. Mott Children's Hospital National Poll
News source: Ars Technica

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The internet is not a safety concern if parents were to actually take responsiblity of watching thier kids online instead of letting them waltz up to thier bedrooms as soon as they come home from school, then live in this fantasy World they call the Internet.

The Internet is not the be all and end all of evil despite what the gutter press keep trying to convince everyone!!!

You are right.

I do not let my children use the internet unsupervised.

They are 13 & 11.

When they leave home and buy their own computer and pay for their own net connection then they can do whatever they wish to do, on my shift they do as I say not the otherway around.

despite popular belief kids are not complete idiots, tell your kids dont talk to people you dont know online and if someone sends you a pciture of their balls then block them, surprisingly enough the little creatures may actually listen! but thats just my opinion, clearly being worried and voting in polls is a more feasible solution.