Internet tax ban meets resistance in Senate

Several U.S. senators questioned whether to extend a ban on access and other Internet-only taxes, which expires on November 1. Representatives of Verizon and the National Taxpayer Union Foundation called on Congress to make the tax ban permanent, but several senators said the current ban could allow Internet service providers to package other products with access and exempt them from taxes. Three groups representing state government officials called for a more limited, temporary ban.

Several senators said they would support a temporary ban on Internet access taxes, but only if language in the moratorium is changed to make clear that states are allowed to tax services packaged with access, including music and movies and IPTV. The original Internet tax ban, which went into effect in October 1998, said that access and "other services as part of a package services offered to consumers" may be exempt from taxes. The last extension of the ban, passed in 2004, removed VoIP from the tax ban.

Five other senators introduced a bill, called the Internet Tax Freedom Extension Act, that would extend the ban on Internet access taxes another four years while closing the "loophole" that could allow other bundled services to be exempt from taxes. Three bills introduced this year would permanently extend the ban on Internet-only taxes. But other senators called for the tax ban to be made permanent. If the ban expires, consumers in some U.S. cities could pay up to an additional 30% and a permanent ban would help with Internet service providers' plans to invest in new services.

News source: InfoWorld

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Oh i really hope they keep it tax really dislike having to pay taxes and shipping on things i buy online

it's basically the gov vs the people... thats ONLY reason senate is trying to "TAX" people is so "THEY" can make more money so they can waste it.

if they really cared about "The People" they would keep it tax free!

You obviously didn't read it, it says that they are currently not taxing internet access (so, your connection from your ISP) like they tax other goods and services. They want to change this, and charge sales tax on provision of internet connections too.

If anyone thinks congress will keep this one is stupid. Have you ever known the government to do with less?
This "tax" is just another revenue generating scheme so they can go buy some more votes. And why shouldn't
they? It works does it not? Everyone thinks congress is lazy, corrupt etc...but, 90+% get reelected. So, who's
the stupid ones? Them or us?
Now that the tax and spend liberals are "in charge" it's a no brainer. I think the only reason it wasn't allowed to
end was what few conservative republicans stopped it. Hell, the republicans have become RINO's...republicans
in name only. They spent more in the last congress than any of the democrats did in a while.
If they've been in DC for over a year, they are most likely corrupt! Term limits...that is the answer, but, since it
is congress who makes the laws, anyone think that has a snow ball chance in hell of passing?
Same with the Fair Tax.

me personally i never vote cause there all corrupt (maybe not corrupt but they never get anything good done, cause i think it's safe to say that by lowering taxes or getting rid of certain taxes like land tax etc is what people really want... speak to there wallets, i can pretty much guarentee that the public aint going to complain about that.. or atleast they could increase taxes on the wealthy (atleast a little) and lower em on the poor... this makes more sence in the "overall" picture.. obviously the rich people would complain but it aint like there living poor ) is the way i see it, cause really, when you vote does anything "good" happen from it? i think it's safe to say in most cases no. ... i mean how often does the government actually do something for the people? ... not often as far as i can tell... if something changes it's usually to benefit "them" not us.

cause hell for the money these damn politicians are paid (probably 100grand ish?, or atleast 50+) they SHOULD be doing stuff for the public that "most people" would agree with instead of making bs laws that usually only help the high up corporations etc etc etc. and they raise taxes etc etc... i think "land tax" is something thats complete BS... cause if you own the land, YOU own it. not them. it's just a bunch of crap... but nothing will change they just gonna keep shafting the public as the years and years go by.

bottom line though if you ask me... the USA is in a downward spiral... the morals are pretty much out the window etc etc... imagine what the USA will be like once they (pretty much todays kids) get into power? (i see it being even worse than it is today)

just some thoughts ... i know i dont got the answers to everything cause i dont know in detail how all that crap works but if i did i can almost guarentee that i could spend the tax money better than most politicians do... cause i consider myself good at managing money once i understand what im trying to do.... i know you cant make everyone happy but if you could atleast make 60-70percent happy that would be much better than it is now.

plus on a side note... these gas prices are getting insane!.... i can pretty much bet that people high up are just messing with the public and giving us BS stories as to why the gas prices are so high etc... cause gas prices should never fluctuate the way they have been in the last 3-5years or so.... bottom line = oil companys are getting there pockets lined bigtime at our expense.... cause this $3.60ish a gallon where i live is getting rediculous (im guessing at $2.50 a gallon or even less there making a killing, cause not long ago gas prices where less than 2.50 then not long after it shot upto what it is at now pretty much) ... cause really, the people who are minimum wage or close to it and have a decent distance to drive are getting shafted hardcore cause of this... it's just not right.

Both of you have very good points. 51stang is right, they're gonna tax it. Another source of income for the tax and spend liberals. Don't worry guys, the gubment knows how to spend your money better than you do.

The only reason they decided to not tax internet connections is so that more people would be able to access the it. Now that almost everyone is on it in the US why not start taxing the connections?

They had best not try to tax internet connections.

A 30% price increase! That is just plain outrage!

Luckily, if such a thing were to come to be, there would be a humongous uproar from internet users and probably lost money for stiff connection fees. We pay too much already for simple DSL.

So hopefully this won't happen.

Is this a "renewal" temp tax ban... or a "permanent" internet tax ban.
If the ban is lifted it allows States tax things....

They been able to keep renewing a "temp" ban, but any permanent ones get shot down very quick.

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