Internet user admits 'web-rage'

On the web, nobody can hear you scream. But they might just pop around to your house after a heated exchange in a chat-room and attack you with pickaxe handle!

An internet user has been found guilty of what police said was Britain's first "web-rage" attack.

Paul Gibbons, 47, tracked down John Jones using details obtained online after the pair exchanged insults in an internet chatroom, a court heard.

He travelled 70 miles to Mr Jones' home in Clacton, Essex, and beat him up with a pickaxe handle in December 2005.

Think about that the next time you write your killer flame!

News source: BBC News

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What a shame this will never encourage idiots to be more polite, or scriptkiddies with no life making another persons life a misery.

In England, when someone drives 70 miles to give you a can of whoopass, you deserved it.