Interview with Nokia's Vesa Jutila: submit your questions!

Today, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia announced two shiny new additions to its Lumia range. The Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 are two budget-friendly devices, expanding the company’s offering of affordable Windows Phones, and ensuring that the company can compete more effectively with the enormous volumes of low-end Android handsets that continue to flood the market.

Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking with Nokia executive Vesa Jutila, the company’s global head of marketing for its smartphone range, and the man who’s charged with making sure that consumers and businesses around the world know just what Nokia’s Lumia range has to offer in an increasingly crowded market.

I’ll be putting my own questions to Vesa during our interview, but I’d also like to invite you, dear reader, to submit your questions to put to him, to get to the heart of what matters most to you when it comes to Nokia and its Windows Phone offerings.

So what would you like to know? Do you think Nokia’s doing a good job when it comes to promoting its Lumia devices, or do you think there's something lacking? Do you think consumers may become confused by Nokia’s growing range of handsets? Do you think that Nokia runs the risk of not differentiating its own devices from one another? I can't promise to relay all of your queries to Vesa, but I'll do my best to get some answers to the issues that matter most to you.

Submit your questions and thoughts below in the comments, or tweet them to me @gcaweir, and remember to follow @NeowinFeed for all of the latest news from Mobile World Congress.

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In trying to retake market share, availability of your product is pretty important. Are you looking at ways of getting your various models into more hands through contracting with more carriers (in any given market, but my interests lie primarily in Canada) or through direct sales to consumers? (Similar to how Google sells the Nexus 4 direct)

My concern is from the fact that Rogers in Canada has the Lumia 920 on an exclusive, and might also get its predecessor, if history says anything (my contract is up in November) and we are only at the very beginning of making a framework to prevent our triopoly from taking advantage of their 94% market share to the detriment of consumers. (Canadians tend to pay more for their service, and where the US has 2 year contracts, Canadians would need to sign a 3 year contract to get a similar device subsidy to our southern neighbors ) On top of all of that, Rogers tends to have the highest cost of service, and are/were also in court demanding the right lo (essentially) lie in advertising (,, so getting a contract with them (Whch I'd have to since they won't unlock it for me right away, and when they would [after somethng like 60 days, even if I buy the phone outright] they'd charge me 75$ for the "priveledge") just to get the top end Lumia (which is an awesome phone, that I really really want) is not something that I want to do, and I'd at the least prefer to give you the money directly to have this phone

TL;DR: Is Nokia planning on ether selling the Lumias directly to consumers, or at the very least going to try to avoid exclusivity contracts (IE Rogers in Canada with the 920.)

When are we getting accessories for the Lumia 810. There was supposed to be wireless charging shells in different colors...and there is nothing!

When will we have:
1) a Nokia Suite version for Lumia WP8? While it's great in the 'cloud' it would also be great to have local backups of everything and be able to send sms via PC. The latter is great when sending multiple reminders to clients etc. The backup to 'cloud' issue must be a real pain for people with very low data plans.
2) A data counter that can tell me how much data broken down to wifi/mobile network.
3) A clock tile like the HTC WP8.
4) Maybe MS issue - ability to attach any file to an email.
5) A setting to disable screen timeout while charging.

While I love my Lumia 920, in some ways (such as email attachments/Local backups/etc) it's less functional than my old N8. You need to make it as user friendly as possible but also have 'advanced' features for those who want them if Nokia want to compete with Apple and Android.

Will the next flagship Windows 8 Phone be slimed down some? (This is what's holding me back from getting the 920)
Any 5inch Windows Phones on the Horizon?


What is Nokia's dedication to the WP 7.x platform at this time. With the release of HERE for WP8, do they plan on updating and releasing more apps for this platform, or are they solely focused on WP8?

Can't you see the obvious answer there? They will trickle out updates for 7.8 however there focus on new products with a new OS.

Was your idea in creating the Lumia to directly combat the iPhone?
Was there an inspiration behind creating the Lumia besides the fact that it was Microsoft's initiative to step up in the mobile market?
Where did your design come from?

Will HTML5 mobile service expand their daily limit or at least decrease the monthly price?
2500 daily requests seems barely enough for 1500+ daily users, yet making a 1USD profit for each such user is really hard for a startup from an emerging market, where those maps are supposed to be used. 10k daily seems more reasonable, or reduce the price, we're making .03USD/user.
Is HTML5 gonna replace JavaScript? It seems to be very capable. Unifying the two SDKs also seems like a good development path.

HTML5 works in tandem with JavaScript. HTML5 does add a lot of new functionality (validators, new controls, etc.), but to do a lot of the neat things, like with canvas, you need JavaScript.

When are you going to launch Android phones?
If you don't have such plans then when you estimate that the company will be bought by Microsoft?

Mortis said,
When are you going to launch Android phones?
If you don't have such plans then when you estimate that the company will be bought by Microsoft?

If this question gets asked I'm quitting this site. Nokia has already said they have no plans for Android nor should they. It was WP that actually brings money into stock holders like me, if they would have went with Android I'd still sit with my 1.88 a share.

There's no point of becoming another faceless OEM next to Samsung. Just like Nokia dominates WP market Samsung dominates Android.

alwaysonacoffebreak said,

There's no point of becoming another faceless OEM next to Samsung. Just like Nokia dominates WP market Samsung dominates Android.

I'm sick hearing this BS over and over again.
Nokia could bring very interesting stuff to Android like Pureview techonolgy and high build quality phones.
The "faceless" thing is just a poor excuse to save for the thing that they get a lot of cash from MS for this exclusivity... So, is it just money? Google offered less than MS?

I'm sick of hearing this BS as well. It seems cool to steal IP (Google) from Microsoft and distasteful that MS forces OEMs to sign an agreement after where MS makes some $ back for Google's theft?

Neowin has become the antithesis of where it started from. A horrible Windows/Microsoft bashing forum. I'd like to see it go down in flames than become another Verge.

this is a must ask question, feels like nokia ignoring, but, it must be addressed:

does nokia aware to the problem, with lumia 920 which makes it randomly freeze, and can only operate after "soft reset", is there a patch on the way, something? does nokia acknowledge this issue?

and it's not just me, the net is full of people with this issue, some resort to Reflash the phone, which void warranty.
this is the only thing that is ruin my love for this awesome device.


Contact Nokia directly. They are very diligent about making their customers happy. Not only that, but they may swap your phone for a new one to study yours.

From my understanding, it was the first batch (or so) that had this problem. My brother had his replaced by AT&T, and he has not had any issues since then.

Both Nokia and Microsoft claimed they were still highly committed to Windows Phone 7.5 users, yet these phones have seen very few updates since Windows Phone 8's release. Care to shed some light on that?

.Neo said,
Both Nokia and Microsoft claimed they were still highly committed to Windows Phone 7.5 users, yet these phones have seen very few updates since Windows Phone 8's release. Care to shed some light on that?

I would love to. Most 7.5 users have received the 7.8 update already and that is my no means necessarily the last update. However with all new OSes you cannot honestly expect Microsoft to be rolling out updates as frequently as their next generation of devices. Just like Windows 7 is to Windows 8, sure you will be seeing updates for it including security and performance but don't expect anything to major!

1) The Nokia Windows Phone apps add immense value to the Lumia smartphones. Are there any plans to bring some of them to Windows Phones from other manufacturers, in particular Nokia Drive? If so, when?

2) How do you expect to sucessfully compete with Android when Nokia Lumia smartphones cost twice more than a similar specced Android phone?

3) Gaming in Windows Phone is stuck in casual gaming titles. Being Xbox a huge brand for gamers, are there plans to bring AAA Xbox titles?

4) Have you realised that having an "hero" game can make the platform much more attractive, creating a massive boost in sales similar to what happened with the original Xbox and Halo?

5) Are you incentivating developers to bring their app to both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8, when possible?

Thanks you Neowin and Vesa Jutila, hope some of these are answered.

I'd like to know why the lumia 720 has a better form factor and design than the supposed higher end 820? Also why does the 820 have such a low res screen when compared to its competitors. It is the same price here as the htc 8x any plans for a refresh?

I am waiting for the next Pureview Lumia 9x0, so I'll be sticking with my Samsung Omnia 7 for a while more.
Is there a chance I'll get Here Drive and maps on my 7.8 WP?

1) Can DataSense PLEASE be pushed to all devices? Many of our carriers couldn't be bothered/don't have the staffing to organise that kind of thing! If that isn't possible, would it be possible to update Nokia Counters for Windows Phone 8?

2) Any word on when the Lumia 720 will arrive officially in Australia (or any other place for that matter)

3) Any secrets about the next version of Windows Phone?

soumyasch said,
Can we expect smaller sized phones (4"-ish) with top end specs and top tier camera?


size of HTC 8x would be nice.

1. Why not make a high end phone in smaller (3.5-4") screen sizes?
2. Will they stop shipping 7.8 phones now that they have 520, 620 and 720?
3. Any plans to tackle price range below 520? that's where Android is making most gains.

1. Instagram, Vine, etc. are growing at a huge rate because of the community, why does your Cinemagraph app lack this social aspect?

2. Why did unlocked Lumia 920 phones were one of the last to get the Portico update? This is not what everyone expect when buying such an expensive and carrier unbranded device.

3. Why doesn't Nokia push Microsoft to stop sabotaging non US customers with their region restrictions on things that make no sense, example:

This also applies to other regions like Latvia, Lithuania, etc. On unlocked and unbranded phones.

4. Where are promised Gameloft games for 2012 holidays? Where is promised enthusiast program from 2012? Where is promised Pandora app for early 2013? Where are promised Joy Ride and other (non gameloft) games for Holidays 2012?

5. Why haven't you updated Nokia Counters app yet to support WP8, which mimics DataSense yet is not exclusive to Verizon and works on all Lumia phones.

2 questions. One might be more directed to MS but maybe he knows about it.

1. Why does Nokia Lumia line come to Estonia the latest? Small market or any other reason?
2. When will Estonian language be included in the Lumia/WP line?

why the massive screens? where is the market research unearthing demand for more cumbersome screens?

With current ppi densities, is a hi-res 4" screen so out of the question? Can top-end phones only exist at the top-end of sizes?

Seriously, I love the 620 form factor, drop the hi-res screen and better camera in that and I would be all over it. Maybe its a little thicker, but its feels solid at the size it is. I love it.

Why did Nokia choose to make exclusivity deals for the Lumia 920 when the demand, hype and consumer perception of the device was much higher than the widely available Lumia 820? Do you think these deals and this type of strategy greatly helps Nokia, or is it a mistake to restrict the reach in such a way?

I'm currently on Telus and Nokia has never had any high end devices on this network... we have z10, i5, s3 and basically everything but a Nokia.

I guess the question would be something like "What will you, Nokia, do to ensure every [potential] customer can buy your phones on their preferred operator, as some are left with no choice on their current"

1. Does Nokia plans to launch a Windows Blue tablet when the upgrade arrives?

2. Is Nokia looking to partner with Indian carriers for Lumia 920 to subsidize it a bit, since it is at too high a price point right now in India?

3. Lumia 920 is powerful, but it is inarguably bulky! When can we expect lighter but performance iterations from Nokia?