Introducing Windows Live Solution Center

The Windows Live Team is at it again. Following the major release of the Windows Live Essentials 3 days ago, the team has released Windows Live Solution Center.

The name is quite a cliche though. Most would assume that the website would provide solutions for users using all of the Windows Live products and services. However, the main focus of the new solution center at the moment is Windows Live Hotmail. The Windows Live team has stated that more services will be covered in the new solution center at a later date, but that doesn't mean you absolutely cannot ask for help with other Windows Live products and services. Their are hundreds of contributers who are helping in other areas, not just Hotmail.

While you can still send feedback directly to the Hotmail team via the feedback link, or by completing the surveys that the team sends out, the new solution center is designed for real-time help and solutions. There will be Microsoft staff solving customer problems, moderating the website, and posting vital information regarding the Windows Live Hotmail Service.

This new solution center can and is being used for Hotmail customers to spread the tips and tricks of Hotmail, as well as providing answers to the frequently asked questions. Hotmail updates and server outages will also be posted on the solution center by the Windows Live Hotmail team.

View: Windows Live Solution Center

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Mikeyx11 said,
To help stupid people like you who don't read.

It's a quicker way for you to get support for your Hotmail (And soon to be all Windows Live Services & Prodcuts). And on top of it, actually Hotmail staff are answering questions and helping customers. It's still in development, but I think it's going to be as big as Windows Live QnA.

Mikeyx11 said,
To help stupid people like you who don't read.

Not a very appropriate way to respond, regardless.

nekkidtruth said,
Catchy? :P

Either way, I LOL'd at the spelling of it.

Well to be honest, I couldn't think of the right word to use :P. So I thought of "catchy", and "cache" just happened to be the first word to come out.