Invadercade turns iPad into arcade machine

The iPad has had a lot of interesting hardware accessories made by third parties in its short life so far. But we think none of them compare to the upcoming Invadercade. This special iPad cabinet from game publisher Square Enix turns the iPad into an old fashioned arcade machine. The Invadercade comes with a button and joystick made especially for playing the iPad version of the classic title Space Invaders. Unfortunately the game itself has to be bought separately via the Apple App Store.

The Invadercade has its own stereo sound system built into the case along with a headphone jack. The case allows for the iPad to be charged inside the cabinet. It can also be used to watch videos while stored in the arcade shell. But perhaps the coolest thing about the Invadercade is the design of the cabinet itself. Even if you don't play games it certainly is a conversation starter when you show off the iPad inside it.

Square Enix has also created a fun viral video that's posted on YouTube that shows the Invadercade in action. The video is a nice little 1980's parody about how such a device might be marketed and sold to the public 30 years ago. Based on the device's official web site the Invadercade will be sold in the UK later this year for £150. It also looks like it will be made available for sale in Japan, France and Germany. However there's no word if the Invadercade will be invading the United States any time soon.

Image via Square Enix

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joep1984 said,
so...~$230 USD for a cabinet designed specifically for a single game...

iCADE ftw.

There are 100 games all for $14.99

this is real stupid lol but oh well... i like the video at least.

for that Price i would rather get a X-Arcade Tankstick + Trackball. and i can play with better screen, more games, multiplayer thought GGPO or Tunngle with friends or whatever i want. that would be more useful xD

i wonder if people would get this. not a bad idea but still a little stupid if someone gets this.

but the video is nice! i like it

n_K said,
£150 for that? WOW, you've GOT to be having a laugh.
Plus, you have to buy the App too, which is even more silly!