IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller 3 is a portable and free clean-up tool that provides users with a simple, smart and effective way to powerfully scan and uninstall stubborn programs, clean leftovers entirely, and remove browser plug-ins/toolbars to enhance computers’ performance. Moreover, IObit Uninstaller 3 offers smart and convenient features by adding “Powerful Uninstall” to program's right-click menu and “Add & Remove Programs” in control panel. Also, File Shredder can help users remove files thoroughly and permanently. And if there's a potential threat in users' IE, Chrome, Firefox or Opera, IObit Uninstaller 3 will warn users by a red notification. If users are not sure whether they need to remove the plug-in/toolbar, IObit smart rating system will make suggestions.

What's new in this version:

  • Added detection of apps installed from Chrome Web Store
  • Accelerated Powerful Scan
  • Improved UI
  • Fixed bugs in previous version
  • Updated multi-language

Download: IObit Uninstaller | 12.0 MB (Freeware)
View: IObit Uninstaller Website

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Geek Uninstaller is the best free uninstaller and Uninstall Tool on the paid category at least IMHO.

I stopped using apps that use custom skins, buttons, windows, etc. a long time ago.

I used to love this program, and I still think the old versions kick ass.

However this program is crap now and I will list why:

It used to be a small .exe standalone that you could extract to desktop and double click. However, as of one of the last versions, double clicking this app causes it to install in /programfiles and create a startup "liveupdate" item. Furthermore it feeds advertisement popups after the program has been clearly closed, such as promote-upx.exe in the tmp folder which promotes their Driver Booster (After iobit uninstaller is closed!).

Uninstalling iobit uninstaller does not remove the liveupodate or the uninstallpromote ghosts, which stay behind.

In conclusion: iobit uninstaller was great, now it is a total POS that does not deserve data space on my hard drive.

Pretty much the best thing ever when it comes to uninstallers. I used Revo Free previously until I actually started using a lot of 64bit programs, which the free version of Revo never listed, not to mention that when uninstalling one piece of software that is similar to another (i.e. Opera installed alongside of IE, Winamp alongside iTunes), Revo would list some ridiculously unrelated registry keys marked for deletion. iObit is much faster for me, and better overall.