iOS 5 GM now available, if you have a dev account

Apple has announced that iOS 5 will be released next week. But, if you happen to be a developer, you can get the final release right now. Apple has updated its iOS developer site to include the latest release of iOS5.

While not everyone can get access to the download, it is now out in the wild and will most likely end up outside the developer compounds. iOS 5 will bring many new updates to the iPhone including a new notification system and iCloud integration.

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The best news of Tuesday! Since it's a GM, it's essentially RTM and you don't need a developer ID to install it on your iDevice either. Running it on my iPad 2 now. So much better than iOS 4.x. It feels like a complete OS now, without relying on iTunes and hooking it up to things. And photos shot with my iPhone is instantly on my iPad when I get home, without me having to do anything, thanks to iCloud.