iOS 7 will integrate Flickr and Vimeo, reports suggest

With iOS 6, Apple was keen to fully integrate the world's two largest social networks, Facebook and Twitter, into the mobile operating system. Now with iOS 7, the company are reportedly interested in incorporating creative networks like Vimeo and Flickr.

9to5Mac cites a person familiar with the software, outlining the company's efforts to increase the presence of third-party social networks in its overhaul of iOS 7.

Given the recent revamp of Flickr, there has never been a better time to move new users towards the service. Existing Flickr users who aren't iOS users could be encouraged to adopt the platform if Apple is able to demonstrate seamless integration, and those who are already users will be prompted to at least update their software. At present, both Apple's iPhoto apps for iOS and OS X offer some degree of Flickr integration, but there is no native support for the service in the mobile OS.

As in the above screen captures, both Vimeo and Flickr are directly integrated into OS X Mountain Lion, allowing users to share images and video to the services with just a few clicks. 

Yahoo currently provides data for the stock Weather and Stocks iOS apps, as well as voice-command responses through Apple's Siri interface. iOS 7 is set to be a major overhaul, offering a 'flat' design akin to Windows Phone, with more features to put it in line with mobile OSes that some claim it has fallen behind.

Source: 9to5MacImage via TodaysiPhone

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This is one thing that I wish Microsoft was continuing with Windows Phone. They initially were adding more social networks and then stopped. They really should continue adding social networks with each update. Flickr, Yammer, MySpace (Which is being used more by a specific niche all of a sudden again), Google+ (Maybe one day), etc.

Agreed. They really need to add foursquare. I'm tired of using apps for it. 4th and Mayor is ok, but I'd rather be able to use the built-in check-in feature in the OS that is near useless since Facebook deprecated that style of check-in almost immediately after WP7.5 was released in summer 2011. Since then they have done nothing to update the social networking experience in Windows Phone, which is quite concerning since it is one of the key differentiators of the OS, and even Apple is realizing now that they need to catch up.

No liveleak love?

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I hardly see this as innovative. Such things don't need to be 'integrated' on any other competitor device to work nicely.

Vimeo's great, and it's great because there's less **** on there like YouTube. I hope this doesn't change the service but I suspect it will

Andrew Lyle said,
Why don't they just open up an API to add custom integration? It would make things so much easier.

Agreed. Plus, It just seems ridiculous for the OS vendor to basically "hard-code" this stuff into the OS.

I've been hoping they do this for a long time. They should also open up an API to get messages into the messages app (and obviously give it a much needed refresh anyway!)

Vimeo, huh? Guess Apple's looking to distance themselves from Google a bit more. Who knows, maybe it'll end up increasing Vimeo user base?

kevynd said,

This, i can't handle YouTube anymore the ads are now beyond a joke, i'm definitely going to start embracing Vimeo, it's a much better user experience.

Uplift said,

This, i can't handle YouTube anymore the ads are now beyond a joke, i'm definitely going to start embracing Vimeo, it's a much better user experience.

not only that, the stupid video player re-loads the video every time you seek now. I'm on a slow connection and that ****es me off.