iPad 5 images show new case design in a massive high resolution gallery

Apple’s next generation iPad is expected to be announced at an October 22nd press conference but don’t let that tidbit get in the way of the leakers as a massive gallery of 70 images showing off Apple's new iPad casing has hit the web.

The reported design, prior to this leak, is that the 5th generation iPad would look similar to that iPad mini and that’s what these images show. The case is for the 9.7in iPad gen 5 in Space Gray and silver and it is reported that the same Retina panel will be used for the display that has been used in previous iPads.

Along with a new case design, the usual spec upgrades will likely arrive with the new iPad and of course, it will run iOS7. While there is no word yet on what the mini will feature, many expect Apple to announce that the smaller iPad will now have a Retina screen.

We don’t have to wait too much longer and will likely hear next week or two if the iPad event is going to happen but these images do appear to be legitimate.

You can find more images of the new iPad design at the source link below.

Source: Sonny Dickson

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Shiranui said,

The current IOS app only lets you watch the videos, right? You can't log in and do the exercises from the pad yet?

Correct. She does the exercises on the iMac.

I'm glad I waited to update from the first Ipad, should make the experience that much better. To go from 1024 resolution to this along with the speed, size and weight differences should make for a good WOW moment.

NightScreams said,
I'm glad I waited to update from the first Ipad, should make the experience that much better. To go from 1024 resolution to this along with the speed, size and weight differences should make for a good WOW moment.
You will definitely enjoy coming from an iPad 1.

Doomguy- said,
Simply amazing. Unapologetically metallic. The best iPad we have ever made.


and still selling millions.........

Yeah, but Windows Phone users are pretty hip. I think they're edgy and cool, because they have the brains to use that platform. I really want to be a pal with those people so that I can be as cool as them.

Seriously, this sheeple vs hip just because of brand choices needs to stop. Accept the different tastes as being as normal as different personalities, neither worse than the other, and move on.

It'll be a liberating experience, I promise!

Old enough to know when a company tries to take advantage of users by implementing incremental upgrades to their services to maximize profits and always saying that it is revolutionizing something but they are just really putting a new color on it and call it new. And did I mention what type of phone I had? no. You probably went through all my comments and posts to see what I use. How pathetic does that make you look?

zzzzzz, snort, what??? Space Gray? Space is gray? No, dust is gray. Quick, change the marketing material to Magical Dust Gray! It's ok, you can thank me later.


Has that premium sound to it, much akin to what you see with cars, like with white diamond or actually, space gray too for that matter. Try typing "space gray" into Google images and watch BMWs pop up.

Apple isn't the only one of course, as Samsung has their White Frost and Black Mist S4's.

Mandosis said,
It looks like an iPad to me. How does it look anything like a zune?
It was a poor attempt at making fun of the iPad.

JHBrown said,
It was a poor attempt at making fun of the iPad.

I am not making fun I am stating a fact. The back of those ipads look exactly like the back of an original zune.

Cool deal. I prefer my Surface RT, but Apple devices will always be incrementally improved every year. Good for Apple. No need to reinvent the wheel, just keep improving what you already make.

I can't wait for the Surface 2. :]

People act like the new ipad or iphone is so great, when all they are doing is a disservice to themselves and other consumers, telling companies like apple that people will buy a product once a year on technology that is cheap to make and pay a huge premium on it because a of small upgrade in power or features. What happened to the days of when products came out every few years and they had awesome new features that were leaps and bounds ahead. And then tweaking and fine tuning with small software updates. And not holding back stuff to release each year. Apple is the tablet and phone equivalent of EA and Madden

Have you used any new apple products? They are almost always pretty great. But i own a Nexus 4 and a Galaxy Tab 2 and yet i still like and prefer apple products. I dont go around bashing apple and apple fans just because i use android.

Why do you care what people buy? A disservice to themselves? You don't enjoy something that causes you wrong doing or harm. Only people that can afford a new device every year or require/want a new feature would do so. I still have the first iPad for crying out loud but of course haters like to package everyone into a group. Most people have the Ipad 2 and some have the 3 with fewer having the 4 depending at what point they purchased but a new product doesn't mean everyone with the previous just goes out and gets it. It only looks that way due to high demand and I'll be one of them cause I'm 4 gens behind and at the point of needing the upgrade.

Phones are different and more prone to breaking plus some get insurance for it...think of it as a high wear item much like your tires on a car is a high wear product and you will also see how busy tire places are every day and it's not from them upgrading to every new tire model that comes out right?
The tech world moves faster and faster, the days of occasional upgrades is a very grandpa way of looking at it. Some can't or don't need to keep up which is fine but no one ever forces you to.

Wait! Why is this news? I was expecting something cool but it's the shell of a device that looks kind of like the last one, the one before that, and the one before that. Need I go on

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