iPad now on sale in Israel

The iPad has finally found a distributor in Israel. When the iPad was launched, it was found that the device was in violation of Israeli wireless laws, and thus its import was banned in the country. The ban was later lifted and some stores imported the device "unofficially" and without support.

Now, iDigital Ltd is selling the iPad in Israel. Some reports state that only the Wifi version will be available, while another states that the 3G device will be sold as well, but come carrier unlocked as no mobile provider is selling the device as of yet.

The devices previously imported as "personal imports" ran approximately NIS 3,000-4,000 or $830-1,110 USD while the new devices will be priced at 2,500 NIS or $695 USD. The original Israeli source is optimistic that mobile carriers will offer the device as well, allowing for subsidization on contract.

The officially imported device will carry the recent Hebrew update to iOS for iPad, as the previous "Personal Imports" were only available in English or other official iPad languages.

iDigital Ltd is Apple's official distribution channel for Israel, and also carries iPhone and various other Apple products.

Img Credit: ZDnet 

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Shiranui said,
Does it automatically shutdown on Fridays?


That reminds me: A Jewish activist group here in Amsterdam wants pedestrian traffic lights to gain a button inside the sidewalk that can be pressed down with your foot, because they're not allowed to press the regular hand operated button down on Fridays...

Several corrections and additional information:

iDigital is selling both the WiFi and 3G versions. The prices on the website are:
16GB WiFi - 2249 NIS (~$625)
32GB WiFi - 2749 NIS
64GB WiFi - 3179 NIS
16GB 3G - 2849 NIS
32GB 3G - 3299 NIS
64GB 3G - 3777 NIS

Orange, one of the Israeli cellular operators, is selling a data micro-SIM for the iPad in iDigital stores. Monthly costs are 49 NIS for 1 GB, 99 NIS for 5 GB and 149 NIS for unlimited. No contract is required. Other cellular operators have also had data micro-SIM offerings since unofficial iPad imports began.

A device being imported officially has nothing to do with Hebrew support. All that's required is a recent iOS. Before Hebrew was available in iOS, official imports were simply not feasible and hence the delay.