iPhone & iPod touch firmware 3.1.2 released

Apple has silently released a firmware update for the iPhone, 3G and 3GS. The updated firmware, version 3.1.2, is available now on iTunes 9.0 for download and includes bug fixes, rather than the usual security updates and feature additions. The small change log for updated firmware includes the following fixes:

  • Resolves sporadic issue that may cause iPhone to not wake from sleep
  • Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart
  • Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming
The update will fix some issues with cellular network problems that consumers have reported in the past, but some further issues with AT&T's network may still persist. An updated firmware for the iPod touch is also available from iTunes.

The iPhone firmware 3.1 brings a lot of new features to the iPhone, despite only being released one month ago, on September 9. The new Genius features added last month to firmware 3.1 included new APIs for developers, Genius mixes and recommendations, security and performance improvements over firmware 3.0 and many more fixes.

Users who require jailbreaking their phone in order to receive service will lose service by updating.

iPhone and iPod touch users can expect to see a mobile version of Neowin.net in the coming weeks:

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I just updated the OS 3.1 to the 3.1.2 on my iTouch and now i cant play music O.o, every time I press the Next button or the song finishes it closes down the music application, I already booted the ipod like three times and the music keeps giving me the same pro.

You must be using iTunes 9 than. Try to restore your device, something went wrong, or you are missing some drivers now, possibly The iPhone mobile drivers

Well, updated to 3.1.2 on my 3G, and it no longer talks to my computer. It charges from the wall, but not my computer.

Now I'm kind of upset, since I have a trip coming up this weekend, and I can't put music on my phone.

rebooted your computer yet?
i had the same issue last night where itunes wasnt detecting the updated 3.1.2 phone with an 'unable to connect' 0x... error.
turned out that the machine (a laptop running 7) needed to be rebooted...

tried plugging in the phone today on a different machine (running xp) - no issues, it's charging.

Despite the latest iTunes 9 and iPhone firmware updates, smart playlists and podcast ordering are still broken (two things that worked for years before iPhone 3.1.x and iTunes 9). Thank you Apple, GREAT work.....


Yeah, getting ****ed about the smart playlists now. It should have been fixed in the betas, and now it's been a month that the final is out. Wow...

Also, my battery still drops like crazy when I leave my phone idle. I swear it didn't do this with 3.0

I am still hoping they'll fix the Mobile Safari crash issue that I've had since upgrading to 3.0... extremely slow closing other "tabs/windows" and half the time a crash to the home screen.

Has anyone tried using the 3.1.2 ipsw instead of 3.1 in PwnageTool to build the custom firmware? Iphone 3GS here. Thanks.

Edit. Nevermind, straight from the Dev-Team:

PwnageTool and redsn0w are not yet compatible with 3.1.2

Not an update i really think ill notice about, since most are for iphones and i have iPod touch, took me only 20 mins to install though and i like to have the newest firmware.

Why does iphone hove rounded corners and not IE/Opera for the neowin website :P j/k dont want to start that chestnut again, or do I?

If those screenshots are of 3.1 version and you have obviously jailbroken. Because O2-UK carrier logo appears in blue shade and not black one. Fake carrier due to j/b problems ?? And battery %


So what exactly did it change for iPod Touch users. Reading the changes listed above those are all specific problems with the iPhone and not with the iPod.

There are usually 100s of little issues that they don't bother reporting, like simple bugfixes that most people wouldn't notice.

Good question, I'd like to know as well! Still I'm pretty happy with my touch right now (upgraded from 8Gb 1G to a 64Gb 3G) so while improvements are most welcome, I'm not bothered if there isn't any...the upgrade alone is enough to keep me happy for a while :P

I still can't sync 18 megs of photos with 412 megs of free space on my itouch. I wish I hadn't "upgraded" to 3.0 and was still using the 2.x firmware.

actually, i can't sync at all since 'upgrading' to 3.1.2

Have you upgraded itunes? i have had no problem, but I understand it can be frustrating when you can't get it to sync.

Boo, can't even jailbreak 3.1 on the 3GS. Damn you Apple!, slow down.

Also that new Mobile Neowin looks amazing. Much nicer than the current one. Whoever made it, congrats.

You can upgrade to 3.1 jailbroken, but you cant jailbreak if you've already upgraded to 3.1.
I believe there is a new 3.1 exploit that geohot plans on releasing soon though.

I also believe that the current neowin mobile was built to be 'universal' were as the one your looking at right now is build specifically for iphone/ipod touch users.

^ Likewise. I did hear it was possible like Berserk said, but I'm a little nervous if I do then there's going to be another roadblock up ahead so I've just been chillin on 3.0 for awhile now.

And I didn't think about that being a general mobile version. Makes sense, this one is superb though.

Andrew Lyle said,
I'm still on 3.0 with my iPhone 3GS... I'm afraid of losing my jailbreak if i upgrade

It works fine guys

Yes i can vouch that the 3.1 jailbreak and unlock works flawlessly on my 3gs if updating from 3.0 or 3.0.1 jailbreak. Just make sure u read all the information out there carefully, and follow instructions VERY carefully.

the unlock only works if you get a custom iphone 3.1 update, otherwise if the baseband is greater then 04.26.08 unlock won't work but jailbreaking will work.