iPhone 3.2 SDK goes gold, distributed to paying developers

Today, Apple released the iPhone OS 3.2 SDK to those paying the premium for the iPhone developer program, according to Engadget. This version is the first and only version to support the iPad before it's big launch this weekend.

There aren't any other hugely impressive features at this stage, but the new SDK does offer new gesture controls which weren't found in earlier versions. Unfortunately, if you aren't a paying member of the Apple Developer Program, then you won't be recieving this one for a little while yet.

The Apple iPad launches this weekend on April 3rd, and is Apple's latest device, featuring a 1Ghz Apple A4 Chip, a 9.7-inch multitouch display and will come in 16, 32 and 64GB sizes. Some iPads are being delayed up to two weeks due to a lack of supply, with 240,000 estimated to be pre-ordered.

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Good one apple, charge people to get the SDK updates...... Atleast MS offer them for free....... I hate paying to get access to stuff just to develop programs which in turn apple will probs screew you with the store

Today at work we purchased our first Mac, they want to pursue iPod touch/iPhone and iPad apps...I can't wait to get started.