iPhone 3G unlock shown live to the web

As previously reported on Neowin last week, the iPhone dev-team has announced they've figured out how to unlock the iPhone 3G for use on any GSM network you have in your country. The patch will be released on New Years Eve and will require an iPhone that is running 2.11.07 baseband or lower and will have to be jailbroken.

For those of you who were wondering how this is done, there was a demonstration of "yellowsn0w" (the codename for the unlock) shown live to the Internet by a member of the Dev-Team Blog named MuscleNerd. He used Qik on an iPhone 2G which allowed everyone watching to communicate with him and ask questions along the way.

Please remember, the iPhone dev-team is not affiliated with Apple and use of this unlock or jailbreaking software may violate your warranty or your EULA with Apple and/or your cellular service provider.

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Now, it says its unlocked for any GSM network. But the only networks I've seen used for iPhone is AT&T and T-Mobile. Does it actually work for other carriers? I have nextel which also uses sim cards that look about the same.

Good to see this. Now a lot of people down here are not forced to buy a €525 phone but they can buy one for €330.

Marshalus said,
I'm fully content with AT&T -- but choice is nice :)

dito (t-mobile) and plus one. =)
im going to thailand next year though, so this will be useful for some payasyougo-card or something. =)

True. I can see that point there. I'm personally holding off for some sort of hardware (i.e. permanent) unlock. The software one could potentially be broken in the future with a new baseband update.

You will probably have to wait until they make it work with the baseband that came with 2.2 then. You can't downgrade the baseband in the iPhone.

Why not just to push on your politicians to force producers to provide an equal choice at purchase between locked and unlocked phones? There are a lot of countries around the world where you can buy unlocked phones "legally"...

I think he is referring to the legality factor here rather than how long it take it to get done. Obviously it would be quicker to just unlock the phone but I'd rather see them unlocked right out of the box myself. My iPhone can't get the above software unlock anyways because I updated the baseband with the 2.2 firmware.