iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Edition released

Stuart Hughes, or for those who don’t know him is a UK-based jeweler who over the past few years has become known for creating special editions of smartphones, with huge changes to the phones exterior. He replaces the exterior of the phone with extremely precious and expensive materials such as diamonds.

The software of the phones are the exact same, but the exterior undergoes a huge transformation.

Well, Stuart has worked his magic again, except this time with a 32 GB iPhone 4 named the iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Edition, which has now become the most expensive handset available.

The entire phone’s surrounding frame is loaded with more than 8.5cts of individually placed flawless diamonds, and if that isn’t enough “bling” also comes with a solid platinum and diamond Apple logo on its back. You even get a handmade wallet which is made from Ostrich foot – because Ostrich foot is a material you see every day. The wallet has the functionality to hold up to four credit cards despite having a very slim design.

If you’re looking at buying the new edition it’ll set you back RRP £18,995 ($29,677) although if the price tag seems a little steep, know that you’ll be the owner of a limited edition iPhone since only 50 have been made.

Stuart seems to like Apple products, as he has worked his magic on the iPad which he named “iPad supreme edition", and was made from solid gold with a retail price tag of £129,995 ($202,805).

Image credit: Stuart Hughes

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Yea, waste of money. And an expensive phone if lost or dropped in water.

Local radio station in AZ is giving away customized iPads...doesnt have the bling as this does though.

superconductive said,
Why would you even want to carry that in your pocket.
What do you do if you lose it or it gets stolen?

You are out 30k...unless it comes with a really good insurance plan.

superconductive said,
Why would you even want to carry that in your pocket.
What do you do if you lose it or it gets stolen?

I assume the people buying it are people with enough money to not care that much

superconductive said,
What do you do if you lose it or it gets stolen?

Technically, you could say the same thing about a car.

Jose_49 said,

What does that phone have in special?

Same, diamonds. Crappy pic in the link, but a google search will give you more.

apple should contract him to make their white one. he can make a diamond encrusted iphone faster than apple can change its color

mquiny said,
What an expensive repair it would be if you so happened to accidently drop it n the floor.

but nothing would happen to it

So wait...

Kid from Queens, NY who sold (essentially) repainted iPhone 4s = Bad


Liverpool jeweler douchbag sells horrendously gaudy, conspicuous iPhone 4 mods (prime theft targets, anyone?) = FTW?!?

which has now become the most expensive handset available

Now this IS terrible journalism. It's nowhere near the most expensive handset available. Sure, it's VERY expensive, but other people make more expensive customisations. Pathetic fail by the writer - a big number doesn't mean you can make such wild claims!

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