iPhone 4 launch MIA in New Zealand

According to a report by TechDay, the iPhone 4 may not be available in New Zealand after Vodafone pulled all information from their website this morning, and the devices are not available in stores as of yet, even though the launch was announced for this Friday.

Vodafone had previously said that the iPhone would be available on the 30th July, though was unable to say if the bumpers would be available for the product.

The Herald is reporting that the Vodafone - Apple deal may be off, and the iPhone will not be available in New Zealand except through the official Apple store. Apparently "Vodafone, JB Hi-Fi and Magnum Mac have all told nzherald.co.nz that the device won't be for sale today, the promised launch date."

Another large retailer in Wellington, Magnum Mac, who was pinned to have stock of the iPhone 4 had a sign in it's window reading that "no iPhone 4's were being sold [there] today, due to a lack of supplies in NZ."

Vodafone responded to calls from TechDay only saying "No comment. You have to speak to Apple." As of writing, Vodafone has replaced the information on the iPhone 4 on their website, but clicking through only displays information on the older iPhone 3GS.

Last night, Australians recieved the launch of the iPhone 4 with open arms at midnight, with each telco receiving a shipment of around 13,000 devices. In New Zealand, Apple had previously told retailers they were not allowed to reveal if they were stocking the device or not until Friday morning, and were not allowed to advertise a price. A commenter on The Herald's website said that they had "Heard a rumour that the shipment from China has been delayed hence no stock for stores, They are desperately trying to get stock from Aussie but won't be here in time."

Apple also said that "We are thrilled to be selling iPhone 4 in our Apple Online Store starting this evening. For further availability details please contact Vodafone" even though Vodafone refuses to comment.

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Update: Though Vodafone itself has nothing to say, Vodafone outlets have now spoken up and said that: "We are getting them in at midday. I can’t say how many, but not a lot."

Update 2: Vodafone has now said that phones will be available through "select retailers" at 12pm, and that there is a very limited supply.

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Ok, Apple knows their Judas phone sells well...even the retailers/phone providers know this. With this knowledge, you would think there wouldnt always be a short supply at the release/sell date.

There's going to be short suplies in Canada as well. I heard one of the store manager saying to a client that they don't have a lot of iPhone 4 for tomorrow and some people would have to come back next week.

good news, Australian iPhones DO NOT have the reception death grip issue.
No matter how hard I try, I can't get the bars to drop. Well done Apple

well I'm not exactly holding my breath or wetting my pants in anticipation it's just a cell phone for gods sake get over it

apparently the select retailers are in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin if you happen to live outside of those cities then tough tit you can't have one just yet

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