iPhone 4S online sales start again in China

In January, Apple tried to launch its popular iPhone 4S in China, one of the world's biggest smartphone markets. However, things didn't exactly go as planned thanks to tons of phone scalpers who in one city tried to take over the launch at an Apple store.  Those scalpers started throwing eggs when officials wouldn't open the store as scheduled. As a result, Apple decided to temporarily halt sales of the iPhone 4S in China.

Things have apparently calmed down since then and now News.com reports that Apple has now resumed selling the iPhone 4S, at least online, in China. In order to stop scalpers from taking over online sales, Apple has launched a rather complex lottery reservation system. The system is only open for three hours each day and also requires a government issued ID. Customers who sign up for the lottery are informed later that day if they have been picked to purchase an iPhone 4S in one of Apple's stores.

Shipments of the iPhone 4S in China appear to vary a bit, with some customers getting the phone the next day while other having to wait a month. There's still no word on when Apple will begin regular retail store sales of the iPhone 4S.

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