iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 and iTunes 8.2 pre-release 2 available

The development of iPhone OS 3.0 has been progressing nicely, and approximately a week after beta 4 was released, Apple has churned out a new beta, along with a new version of iTunes 8.2 pre-release.

Gizmodo is reporting a few changes in this new beta, despite initial reports that there were only bug fixes.

First and foremost, it is being reported that MMS is no longer available, and the methods used to enable it are now prevented. To add to this, apparently YouTube is now improved, in that it will stream a higher quality video to users on 3G, the same video that was initially reserved for those on WiFi. Lastly, there is changes to the StoreKit and various other fixes.

If you're a member of the Apple Developer program, you can head over to the Developer Center to download the new releases. For the mere mortals, you'll have to sit tight until OS 3.0 is released officially, or perhaps do a favor for a friendly developer.

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Does anyone have any expierence with the BB Storm? If yes, how does the new 3.0 iPhone compare? I had a Storm from work, and I liked the phone, but very very buggy and just not intuitive like the iPhone. Not trying to get into a Storm vs iPhone debate either :-) Just curious on other's opinion.

The thing people fail to realize is:

The Apple iPhone is great phone mainly for its interface. It is super simple to use.
So when Apple add new things to it and new services. They have to make them compatible with they slick interface.
So that is where the issue's come in to play. It is easy to get MMS and other things to work. But with Apple everything needs to be smooth and pretty. Hence why copy and paste took so long. MMS is causing issues because there still working on intergrating it properly with there OS.

I pick a phone based on how well it works for me and if I like the interface. I love the interface on the iPhone. It looks nice and it is simple to use. Too me it doesn't matter what phone I use. At the minute I'm using 2 Blackberries, Bold 9000(Work) and a curve something or other(Personal, Iphone 3G broke. I dropped it several million times.) Would love to get my iPhone back, But no point buying one until the new one is released. I just prefer the iPhones OS and interfaces. Like with computers. MAC OSX Or Linux or windows - It doesn't matter to me, I just prefer Windows.

I am a Nokia user and I use MMS all the time to exchange Maps/GPS locations with my wife and other friends who have Nokia phones and it works quite well (AT&T). I don't understand why the iPhone 3.0 still has issues with something so primitive and old as MMS. It's not just for sending stupid photos - I use Nokia's Share Online to post my photos to Flickr and share them that way - much more convenient than MMS but the maps thing is awesome and I'm sure people can figure out other useful things to do with MMS...

That's why I like my N79 and so does my wife even though she wanted an iPhone initially and now doesn't even want to hear about it. Even to her it's just a stupid phone with shaking menu icons (that's what we were shown by friends of ours that had iPhones... look - you hold the menu briefly and the icons start jiggling... wow - shoot me now please)...

Obry said,
I don't understand why the iPhone 3.0 still has issues with something so primitive and old as MMS. ..............

Have you ever written a phone OS before? If no stop complaining, there are tons of things that could be causing the mms to be giving them problems.

I have not written a phone OS but plenty of other have and apparently have no problems with it. I am an end user that doesn't buy into the hype about this super phone that can't send a simple MMS where I have phones at home from year 2000 that can w/o problems...

I'm new to the iPhone (about a month) and I'm not real familiar with MMS other than I thought a part of it meant you could send "Picture Mail."

Can someone explain the impact of no MMS?


Greenstein said,
Can someone explain the impact of no MMS?

When you've got email (and a free data plan) on the phone - MMS seems kind of pointless anyway.

You just have to enter the settings for MMS in Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data
Working for o2 UK anyway but obviously 3.0 and enabled via o2 already.

APN wap.o2.co.uk
Username vertigo
Password password
MMSC http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002
MMS Proxy

Is it just me or is selecting text to copy and paste smoother now? I noticed you could double click and drag to select whole words in beta 4 but only in the Notes App. I notice you can do this in the Email App now on beta 5. This is a big improvement.

ermax said,
I still have MMS on Beta 5 on AT&T.

Well I see the option to send and MMS but I just tried to send a picture to myself via MMS and it failed to send. Maybe it is just a provisioning thing on my account. I didn't have MMS on my last WinMo phone and it never bothered me. It was rare that I needed to send a photo and if I did I would just send it via email.

Well, the message app has major performance issues in beta 4. Disabling MMS for now probably fixed that bug. The app became almost unusable even when sending just normal text messages. They probably disabled it for now to fix the problem. I will see later when I get home from work if MMS is still enabled when I install beta 5. MMS didn't work for me anyways. I even asked AT&T about it and they said they won't support it until the final release of 3.0 is out. I think it works for people who had an AT&T plan before buying the iPhone.

vladtm said,
can't wait for the final 3.0 Even if the current version is good and does the job.

The current version is OK, but there's still a fair few bugs. Looking forward to future beta releases I use it on my iPod touch 2G which I use every day so beta 4/5 is certainly fine for every day use.

MMS being disabled is good for now. AT&T doesn't support it and there have been major performance issues with the Message app due to it.

The beta is open only to developers, I am a french canadian and I am an Apple authorized developer. So, I have access to the iPhone 3.0 beta. Everything about this beta program is "confidential". I can talk about it more. But if you want to get the beta you have to pay 99$ to become an authorized developer. You also need a Mac to develop for iPhone/iPod touch.

vanacid said,
You also need a Mac to develop for iPhone/iPod touch.

There are ways to develop without a Mac but not official. I really don't understand Apple decision to severely limit the number of developers for their phone. If Apple was as pro developer as Microsoft we would probably have more "useful" apps for the iPhone. There are only a handful off really useful apps right now. Tons of duplicate apps that all do the same thing. And lots of stupid games. I have yet to find a replacement (iPhone or WinMo) for Ultrasoft Money that I had back in the day on my Palm V.

ermax said,
If Apple was as pro developer as Microsoft we would probably have more "useful" apps for the iPhone. There are only a handful off really useful apps right now. Tons of duplicate apps that all do the same thing.

Does Microsoft make development tools for WinMo that run on OS X? Nope, didn't think so. And your complaint about apps applies equally to WinMo (and before you call me a fanboy or otherwise discount my statement, keep in mind that I use a WinMo phone).

roadwarrior said,
Does Microsoft make development tools for WinMo that run on OS X?

You missed the point. They don't need to, that would only bring in a handful of developers which is a waste of time. Apple on the other hand is stifling development by limiting dev to their niche market.

As Steve Balmer says:
"Developers developers developers developers .. .. .. .."

I disagree. Apple has Xcode, and the Xcode tools, in OS X. Plus, the Cocoa libraries run on OS X.

They may be limiting their development potential a little bit, but most of the developers are ones who already knew Cocoa, who already use OS X. I'm happier to see them push out SDK updates on one platform if it means better quality.

I'm guessing they disabled it for the time because the cell networks don't have MMS enabled on the iPhone tariff yet. I know O2 have stopped activating MMS on the tariff as it not officially supported yet.

MrA said,
Damn it! I just downloaded beta 4 last night.

Aha, yeah; I didn't expect them to have beta 5 out so fast. Perhaps beta 6 next week! Although I doubt it somehow =