iPhone Sells 10,000 Units in Germany

The iPhone frenzy has just begun in Europe and it seems like Apple's ultimate gadget is off for a good start. Late Friday, Deutsche Telekom officials confirmed that more than 10,000 units were sold by mid- afternoon on the first day on sale. Philipp Humm, head of T-Mobile wireless division, was quoted by news agencies, saying "We're delighted." Also, Deutsche Telekom said there had been no disorder at its shops and it had enough phones in stock.

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I don't think they screwed up personally. It is a beautiful piece of kit and for a first product into the market, its a revelation.

I just think the price and contract restrictions are insane. They'd have been better off selling it SIM free and unlocked the same way they do with the iPod. Visual voicemail isn't exactly a killer feature IMHO and the only thing that networks have had to be customised to support IIRC?

LTD said,

It's now grown to about 100,000 "dumb asses." I guess they're all wrong, and we should pay more attention to your pseudo-intelligible ravings.

Seems the buckles on your jacket are a little loose . . .

all wrong?? not all wrong, they all new what they were doing, they may have just been misled on a few things to end up owning one of them hell i have even seen some apple users finally admitting apple screwed this one up

his post was pretty stupid though

those ~1600 euros for the 2yr contract just ain't make it affordable for a lot of people who would throw another 100 to 200 euros for the phone itself at Apple.
cracking it ain't an option for me... i'm too scared of being f***ed up at the next update...

Glassed Silver:mac

Had my first play with one of these today in Carphone Warehouse. It is incredibly slick and very pretty but I found doing the phone things a bit annoying.. like sending text messages, etc. In fact the on screen keypad drove me nuts pretty quickly.

I'd definately buy one to jailbreak it but i'd never buy one on a contract. It just ain't worth it. And i've been the one preaching about Apple stuff on here for months!

Well.. don't get me wrong.. I think it is a brilliant device if you really want your media with you, and to have a phone as well. I mean it blows away any smart phone device that i've owned or used (and seen) including HTC stuff frankly. But..

a) I just find it a bit too much of a 'special' thing to have in your pocket as a utility that you could easily drop or break. When you're paying like a minimum of £900 (including the cheapest 18 month contract) for one it'd be too much of a gamble carrying it around frankly.

b) As I say, I felt that for me at least a bit of a show stopper was SMS. I send a lot to my girlfriend and I didn't find the SMS interface intuitive or easy to use - the on screen keys were too narrow and it didn't "get" my keypresses particularly well as I was writing a random message.. it made a few mistakes. I'm now at the point where I can blast through an sms message on my nokia number pad without making many errors, and it'd take a lot to persuade me to change from that.

If I could get one and KNOW that it'd be safe when jailbroken, i'd seriously consider it.

yeah in the UK... carphone warehouse (retailers) O2 shops are desert empty... and 6300 k800 n95 n73 are selling hotter than the iphone