iPhone voice searching coming soon from Google

The New York Times is reporting that Google plans to update its free search app for the iPhone as early as today.

Google has pushed its latest update to the AppStore and once Apple approves it users will be able to search for anything by simply talking into the handset. You could say "where in the world is China?" and the software would create a file of your voice, send it to Google's servers which determine what was said and then fire the result back seconds later.

Microsoft and Yahoo both offer similar services on competing devices. The service is particularly handy when you are in the car and typing in search queries is challenging and dangerous whilst driving.

In separate news it is rumored that Apple will release version 2.2 of its iPhone software on November 21st.

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how practical is that?

talking while driving... it then displays your search results which is going to be really small to read, you will have to operate the device in order to read your results which defeats the object?


I think this will be fine... if works, and usually those voice recognition software are not working correctly.

I still see a**holes in california driving with a cell phone to their ear, despite our new law (thank god they passed that) and they still have trouble driving and paying attention. Bluetooth headsets are so cheap these days, I say these people deserve tickets. I can see this becoming even more of a problem though with this now, now people will be trying to get directions while driving? a freakin tomtom with voice input costs 250 or so now...get one!

Edit: Just read the rest of the story, haha now google will have one more thing of yours on their servers, your voice! /dons tin-foil hat.

Yea I see it all the time too. Its not like cops are going to be out looking for people doing it, people just dont care.

Doli said,
Yea I see it all the time too. Its not like cops are going to be out looking for people doing it, people just dont care.

Exactly. The law also states not to go faster than the speed limit but almost everyone does anyway. Why do you think they'd listen to this law when they have zero regard for the law as it is?

Wow, how cool 5 years ago...


There are also other free phone based search services, I prefer CALL411, as I can just talk to the phone and get everything from driving directions, to finding a restuarant, movie, and also having it text the information to people I am meeting. (This is a fairly old service technology and this is cool to Google and iPhone users why again?)

CALL 411 is not a full web search tool, although there are ones that are.

As for people worried about drivers. I hit my bluetooth button say "Call Live 411" and then say find "Home Depot" and then say "Text me info" and then say "Connect me" and it dials the store too.

Voice automation like this is one reason I slammed the iPhone for NOT having inherent voice commands or voice dialing, as any bluetooth user will tell you, looking at your phone, especially while driving is insane when you can just tell your phone to do what you want with 99.9% accuracy on a crappy bluetooth headset even. So without basic voice dialing, with an iPhone you were forced to manually dial a number just to use an automated voice service, which was really sad.

Too bad the iPhone voice command software is still not inherent and has to be purchased, especially when a free Samsung R500 from Walmart will do many voice based commands, is full 3G and a full media player as well. (iPhone only trumps the free phone with a bigger screen and full non-Wap browser.) Oh, and technology in the Samsung is stuff you could find in a Motorola Razr or 615 over 4 years ago, even though it would cost you $100 back then. - I won't even compare the iPhone to a full Windows Mobile phone that has all this crap for years and can run software without Apple permission, and also does techie stuff like Remote Desktop to your computer or servers.

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