iPlayer faces petition pressure

An e-petition on the Downing Street website has called on parliament to stop the BBC launching its iPlayer to a Windows-only audience. More than 10,000 people have signed the petition which calls for the service to be made compatible with other operating systems such as Linux.

The BBC's on-demand TV service launches as a trial version on 27 July and will only work with PCs using Windows XP. Other versions are in the pipeline, according to the BBC. A version for Apple Macs could be available in autumn, with versions for Window's Vista and mobile devices to follow, the BBC has said.

It will go live to the general public in open beta on Friday, allowing the number of users to increase over the summer in a controlled manner, before a full launch in the autumn. Speaking at the launch of the service, director of Future Media and Technology at the BBC Ashley Highfield said: "I am fundamentally committed to universality, to getting the BBC iPlayer to everyone in the UK who pays their licence fee."

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.... ok then, what about people who want it on their PSP for example?... any system that plugs in a screen is supposed to have a version of everything nowadays?

Agree with the above!

It launches as a TRIAL version, probably to see how popular it is, and what better way to test it on the most popular operating system.

I don't get what all the fuss is about. The BBC have stated that it will be made available on all platforms as soon as they can. anyway this is only a beta

How inconsiderate of these linux users
The bbc is creating versions for other operating systems, so why stop an already made version for windows from being released.

the secret deals in microsoft EULA for large organizations trying to go for cheap licenses can have this side effects. companies are discouraged to put/use/install/create products on other platforms.

" exclusive dealing arrangements or retaliate against companies for supporting products that compete with Microsoft"

- kuro5hin

This is microsoft's history. what do you expect. I dont think BBC can simply say off_with_the_deal and start installing Linux Os's.