iPod's screen could get painted with colors!

So when I hear about the 4th generation of iPod being planned, I held the Now-Part-Of-My-Life, iPod tight, and whisper "It's okay, it's okay, they may have colors, but you're still my favorites". And then, after having talked to myself I thought "But what about battery life?". Yeah, what about battery life?

The guys MacOSX.com claimed that their source has confirmed the possibility that the 4th generation of the world's best mp3 player (I know, I know, it's debatable..) may feature the new spiffy color screen! One of the guys in our forum has also expressed a concern whether Apple will make exceptions to iPod's selling point in size and let this new color screen feature bulk up iPod by a few millimeters or not.

"Our sources have confirmed the next generation iPod will have a color screen. The new iPod will not be much different in form and function from the current models, but the primary difference is the color screen. Other details about the iPod are scetchy on our end but the fact it will be color is not up for debate. We are sorry we don't have more information to provide or details concerning the screen itself, but when it does come out or other rumors abound of it, just remember you heard it here first." -MacOSX.com

Alright you guys... Now give us some picture soon...

News source: MacOSX.com

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There should still be 2 seperate versions, an iPod with a colour screen that'll play videos, view pictures from you digital camera and ****; then a plain vanilla version that does what the iPod does best, play music. Take the obviously needed advances in battery technology from the 4G iPod and stick it in the plain vanilla iPod. Voila, you have the 4G colour iPod with 8 hours of battery life and the plain vanilla with 16 or so. Sweeeeeeet!

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