Iraqis scramble to restore Internet

Amr Bakr is an Internet addict. These days, the computer repairman finds himself in need of a fix. His mornings used to consist of sipping coffee while he checked his five e-mail accounts and read news online from the BBC and al-Jazeera.

Since American missiles demolished antennas and transmitters atop the Iraq Ministry of Information building early last month, Bakr and the rest of Iraq have been cut off.

"I miss it a lot," Bakr said, sitting in a computer repair shop next to one of Baghdad's shuttered state Internet cafes. "I used to use it at least five to six hours a day."

While Bakr and other Iraqis are upset about the slicing of their precious tether to the world, they're also optimistic about the future of the Internet in Iraq, where access was previously available to a tiny minority -- and only then under severe restrictions.

"I consider it as a gate to the 21st century for Iraqis who have been living in a dark age," said Shakir Abdulla, director general of the State Company for Internet Services, the agency that distributed the Internet in Iraq. "This will change their mentality."

News source: CNN

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This link is safe to view, but the links on the page are more disturbing.

I bet if people had to go through seeing this <<removed>> as a part of their lives they would think twice about being such a ******* before posting.

Ah well, back to ignorance county we go. I just get annoyed at the dumbass comments here. I removed the link so people can be ignorant and not know what they are talking about at the same time.

Well I hope they get all their basic services restored soon so they can restore some dignity. Internet isn't important as running water, electricity, food and medical attention but who are we to even question this mans priorities when we don't have to suffer what he probably has.

War must do weird things to you when you are on the receiving end of it. I can't imagine that and I'm grateful I don't have to. However the ignorance I see here in some of the first comments doesn't make me feel comfortable about the future.

I find it funny that most of his guy's country is without running water, electricity, food, medical attention, is plagued with lawlessness and looting (which the US is attempting to control) and yet all this guy seems to be worried about is reading his e-mail.

Boo fricking whoo.