iRing for The Apple Fan

You know that feeling when you gaze into the eyes of your iPod or iPhone and imagine spending the rest of your life with that device? Who wouldn't want to lock into a endless bond with a gadget from this man? Soon it may be a possibility with the iRing, a conceptual design that symbolizes and eternal bond and includes quite a bit of functionality.

The iRing is the brainwork of Victor Soto. It's a fairly stylish ring with a lot of added functionality. The band acts as a touch-sensitive function strip. Swipe your finger across the band to control media playback and volume. It communicates with the iPhone or iPod via Bluetooth and even includes a cute docking cradle for when you want to take that out that cute Samsung, but not want anyone to know you are already committed.

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News source: DVICE

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okay.. for all those who are bashing this idea... how is this any different than what exists currently? its no different than a remote for your walkman, or iPod. In any manner, it is a more stylish and convenient way to control your music. I know for a fact it would be awesome for when your jogging, you could easily change the song or whatever instead of having to load a playlist or try fumbling with its controls to change the song.

Look, you're cycling or jogging, how much easier is it to just rub your finger to change song then look for a dangling remote from your headphones

On arriving at the deserted dock-side, the car quietly rolled to a halt behind a warehouse. The eager couple hastily climbed into the back seat and in between passionate embraces, tore at each others clothes. Before long he was wearing nothing but his socks, while she lay waiting in keen anticipation with nothing but her iRing glowing gently on her right hand.

In the darkness she reached out and fumbled, and as their passions grew.... her iPod was going bezerk in the glove compartment !! :nuts:

I don't know....i'm a fan of both apple and ms, but to wear a ring that controls a device; i don't see it.

the only ring going on my finger will be my wedding ring. I don't think rings of any sort look right on guys (imo)...ESPECIALLY a digital device controlling ring.

but to each his own...

As usual, the anti-Apple trolls here don't bother to notice that Apple has nothing to do with this device. It doesn't even appear to really exist, it is just a concept that some designer has come up with.

So far no one has said Apple made the device. Rather everyone up there is taking shots at the stereotypical Apple user's mindset of buying products based on aesthetics over substance (not that I share the same view... well except if this 'remote' comes into existence).

(rm20010 said @ #12.1)
So far no one has said Apple made the device. Rather everyone up there is taking shots at the stereotypical Apple user's mindset of buying products based on aesthetics over substance (not that I share the same view... well except if this 'remote' comes into existence).

That certainly seemed to be what C_Guy was implying in the previous post.

(roadwarrior said @ #12.2)

That certainly seemed to be what C_Guy was implying in the previous post.

not necesarily, apple may not make it, but if it has an apple logo they will get money from it...

Wow, previously only available to elite members of Steve Jobs' Fan Club which, like Apple's marketshare, has membership in the single-digit range ;)

If you want to say "I crave attention and acceptance and can only get it by giving Steve Jobs money" just wear this ring. It will impress colleagues, get you a date, even help when you go in for a job interview. In fact, all your friends will be so envious of your coolness that they will feel inferior to you forever.

Right, Steve?

That's tasteless, and it doesn't look like it could fit everyone, anyway. Only a twelve-year-old or an Apple-tard would wear this. Better get a window decal of Calvin p!ssing on a Windows logo to put on your VW...

this is actually a really good idea

yes, it's extremely geeky but cool none the less. in the future it can carry around profiles & settings for windows or any program on any electronic

What next an Official iBrator? (Yes I already know about Ohmibod vibrator for ipod) < WTF that's supposed to be the sick emoticon :cry:

Oh well at least I found a bug :(

till then the long [img ][ /img] way

:P :sleeping: :redface: 8) :mad: :suspicious: :eek: :disappointed: :confused: :cheeky: :nuts: :ponder: :worried: x) :x


wait up!!!, leave aside your bashing and the puke inducing paragraph thats being putting in to put the story in a bad light and stand back and think about it for a minute.

If this tech improves its a bloody good idea.

keep your ipod/phone tucked away and control volume and song as simple as rubbing your fingers.

I can't see why people have a problem, no more take it out your pocket, perfect for obscrete listerning.

The only reason I can see people against a discreet remote control is just for the sake of it, if this was for a Zune it be praised.

The lighted apple logo with play and pause is a nice design feature, its a good idea

"if this was for a Zune it be praised"

Ummm no. Microsoft has way more taste than that and we both know the Apple fans here would rip it to shreds.

umm if the tech improves it's still a crap idea, but what improvemnts are you expecintg???especially seeing you have no idea how good/bad the tech is now..

a lot of heapphones have volume controls on them so you dont have to take them out of your pocket's not revolutionary..

if you can't see the problem then i will explain it to you..
it looks UGLY, especially the white one..
y woudl anyone want a glowing ring on their finger..
i definaltey would not wear it if i was going out on the town, your askign to get beaten up..
if you are wearing one of these, your probably more liekly to get mugged because the muggers will know you have tooo much money to spend..
why does it need an apple logo, if it was generic so you coudl use it on any device it would be better, and i am sure apple arent too keen on ththeir logo being on it considering it does not appear to be made by them...
it doesn't look lilke a ring, if it actually looked lie a ring and didn't have a big blue glowing logo then maybe..
it loooks rather big from the photo, so i woudl assume not very comfortable..

and if it was a zune, creative, sony, whatever it woudl STILLL be crap...get over it, noone cares..

that makes me sick. I can see my roommate and a lot of other apple freaks getting one though... jesus some people are way to obsessed.

i can just imagine people stroking their rings to control their volume lol

A ring is a perfect way to express love, in this case iRing is a perfect way to express love... that last 1 or 2 years depending on the battery.