Is Amazon working on a Kindle Phone?

Is Jeff Bezos truly following in the footsteps of Steve Jobs? It certainly seems that way on the surface as Amazon surprised many in the industry when the Kindle eReader devices started selling well. This week the company released its first tablet, the Kindle Fire; now reports that Amazon might be launching its own smartphone as well.

The report is based on a note today from Citigroup’s research department, which states, " ... we believe an Amazon Smartphone will be launched in 4Q12." The report adds that the phone will have the OMAP 4 processor from Texas Instruments inside and that the phone will be made by Hon Hai’s TMS business group, which also makes the company's Kindle eReader and the Kindle Fire.

The report also says that the smartphone itself could cost between $150 to $170 to make and it's likely that Amazon will sell it to the public at close to its manufacturing costs. Indeed, the report adds, "If Amazon is actually willing to lose some money on the device, the price gap could be even bigger."

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Precentral is speculating that amazon will purchase webos and use the patients and incorporate parts of webos. Could be interesting. Both webos and android are linux, it could happen.

How is Amazon following Apple? Having your own phone, maybe, but the Kindle came out years before the iPad, so if anything, Apple followed Amazon on that one. Amazon makes amazing products, and I would get a Kindle/Amazon phone.

mattw891 said,
Apple followed Amazon on that one.

If you want to be technical about it, Amazon followed Sony on the e-reader with their first generation e-reader. The Kindle Fire followed the Nook Color (which are both Android devices but Barnes & Noble was first to the scene).

Both the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are marketing it as more than e-readers to take on the iPad (which is pretty silly because people that didn't buy the iPad and are buying the Nook or Fire were never going to pay that much for a tablet to begin with). The iPad was the first to come out with a mainstream tablet (please read that correctly, I didn't say first with a tablet; just mainstream).

So in actuality, Amazon is sort of following Apple on that one with the help of Android.

In the end it doesn't matter. Amazon is a big name company that is sort of like Apple. They both offer streaming movies and sell music. They are both great media consumption devices for the digital age.

What is to early to tell is if Amazon's price will beat Apple's stylish name. It is still way to early to tell this early in the game.

Amazon is also making a TV, a dishwasher, and an automobile. Just wanted to get those rumors out there so JC can make three more articles about it tomorrow.

Ads for Kindle have taken up half the space on the home page since they first released one. Can't blame them for it really, but I'd almost buy one just to suppress the ad.

Hmmm Now a phone?!
Incredible! Amazon is getting to high on itself. Though they have the power, they shouldn't be throwing almost anything other companies do... This remembers me somewhat to Google (not in the malicious way) when they started delivering a plethora of products....

Hope they do well, though.

smooth3006 said,
Well this explains why they are looking at webos currently....interesting!
Not really. They wouldn't invest in WebOS after the Amazon Android market and the Kindle. I do find this an interesting idea. Amazon certainly has money to make it happen

smooth3006 said,
Well this explains why they are looking at webos currently....interesting!

It wouldn't be WebOS at all like supersonic said. They are already invested with Android. It would be extremely stupid of them to use a different OS and have multiple platforms to maintain. They would want to have the same look, feel and functionality between there tablet device and their phones. Similar to what Microsoft is doing with this whole Windows on all devices and Metro UI theme.