Is an Alienware Ultrabook in the works?

In April, Dell's gaming PC division Alienware confirmed it would no longer sell new versions of its small 11-inch M11x notebook after its current supplies are sold out. Since then, other gaming PC makers such as Origin PC and Maingear have either launched or announced plans to release their own small but powerful gaming notebooks.

However, all may not be lost for fans of Alienware who want to see the division release a small gaming oriented notebook. Maximum PC reports they received an email from one of their readers who claims he heard from an inside source that the "current Ultrabook trend would lead Dell to release an Alienware Ultrabook." The launch of this product would happen sometime later this year, according to the source.

In addition, the actual M11x design may not be discontinued after all, with the unnamed source claiming that Dell could reuse it for the company's XPS or Inspiron brands.

It's the prospect of a gaming-themed Ultrabook from Alienware that really intrigues us. Nearly all notebooks that follow Intel's Ultrabook design are of the low performance variety. A thin-but-light Ultrabook that could run most PC games would certainly be a very welcome product, if the price point and its performance are up to the task.

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Xenosion said,
"Alienware" and "thin" or "light" are mutually exclusive.
by thin and light, they mean 3 inches and 12 pounds

So this Ultrabook will cost a minimum of 1300 bucks (remember this is Alienware your paying for that logo on the front) but I can get an 1,100 dollar M14X with better specs?

Jarrichvdv said,

And why exactly?

Their machines were alot better and even better looking when they were on their own. Besides, in todays market, Dell's image isnt that great. Their CS is horrible, they support is awful!.. I know a couple of banks & companies I've worked with who've moved over to either HP or Lenovo just because of Dell's after sale service let alone their unreliable products.

Mind you dell was good. its only in the past 5 - 7 years that they've dropped in standards

este said,
I'd be interested to see how this thing would look. Usually their machines are pretty beefy.

Whatever it is, it will still look beefy and sound like a leaf blower.

If it has that flipable/slidy (dont know what to call it) touch screen of that ultrabook prototype that was on neowin a week or 2 ago.. i'm sold. Tablets are ok.... laptops are ok... combine both? With Windows 8 It would be perfect for my needs