Is Halo 3 coming to PC via Steam? [Update]

Halo 3 came out for the Xbox 360 in November 2007, but there's been no evidence that a PC port of Bungie's third game in the hit sci-fi shooter series has been in the works. Until now, that is.

A post on the NeoGAF message board lists a number of games that have yet to be published on Valve's Steam service that have now appeared in Steam's database. Among the list of games are not only the first two games in the Halo series, both of which have been ported to the PC, but Halo 3 as well.

The message board post also listed a URL where a Halo 3 community page was reportedly set up, but it seems that web link no longer works. It's more than possible that Valve removed the community page link once it was discovered.

While the presence of Halo 3 in Steam's database likely means that a PC port of the game is indeed on the way, it sometimes takes months for the actual game to be released on Valve's service. Microsoft has a handful of PC games on Steam, including Age of Empires 3, and Fable 1 and 3. It also hosts downloads for its two free-to-play games, Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight, both of which no longer will be adding new content.

Update: According to a statement that Microsoft sent to Eurogamer, the company has no plans to release any Halo games on Steam.

Source: NeoGAF | Image via Microsoft

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Can't see it happening, even though it could still use GfWL I seriously doubt they'll use Steam to deliver it. Using Windows 8 Store? that is more believable in my humble opinion.

It would be a good move. All MS Studios XBLA games should be released for Window 8/RT. Lode Runner was a great XBLA remake that didn't do well. It's a PC game and should be on the PC.

If MS seriously releasing Halo3 on PC via Steam, I'll prob drop my chin on the table. Doubt that Halo 3 will coming tho (i never say they will not release it since Bungie was the publisher).
From what I see, it won't be Modern Interface tho, simply because Modern Interface is designed for lightweight programs otherwise the program have to be restarted servile times. Yeah, Win 8 exclusive, I doubt it. If was happen, might be just work on Windows 7 and beyond since they have all the specs required to run the game. Vista, hmm... maybe...

Windows 8's DirectX can handle it with ease. The Modern UI? Well the game will run full screen and use the in-game UI. It's just no one has made any heavy duty games for it yet. For that matter, no heavy duty applications.

Shadowzz said,
You are aware the current Unreal Engine is already ported to the new 'metro' environment right? and heavy 3d games wont be a problem?

I'm aware of that too. But just don't think it's ready for Win 8 yet.

It's kinda late for a PC port but as they say, better late than never. I hope Microsoft doesn't make it exclusive to Windows 8. They made Halo 2 exclusive to Windows Vista and a lot of fans didn't like that.

That would be weird. Since Halo is a Xbox franchise, and MS have the Games for Windows Live (wich is kinda dead) and the Xbox Live, why would they release it via Steam? I'm sure it will reach more people using Steam since not everyone is using Windows 8 atm, but wouldn't be a plus for the people who use it? Could make people look at Windows 8 with a little more attention (and hope). I just don't understand.

I'd believe it when I see it. Why would MS use steam, at least when it comes to Windows 8, when it can push it out from it's own store? And as for Windows 7 etc, they can just have you buy it from and download it from there etc.

TCLN Ryster said,
Last time I checked, the store can only "push" out metro apps. Unless your suggesting they ported halo 3 to metro?

I'm aware of that, the store, and also the Xbox games app can just as well promote desktop pc games. You'd still be downloading them from but as far as advertising goes, why use a competitors product like steam?