Is or isn't the next Call of Duty game Black Ops 2?

Rumors have been swirling for months that the next Call of Duty game, developed by Treyarch, would be a direct sequel to Black Ops, entitled Black Ops 2 according to accidental postings on Amazon and other websites. But recent leaks have indicated that may not be the case after all... or have they?

According to images obtained by The Gamerplex, GameStop recently received promotional displays for the announcement of the next Call of Duty game. Unlike a previous promotional poster, however, the display is referenced in GameStop's marketing book as "Eclipse Multi" – which Gamerplex speculates may refer to the subtitle, Eclipse, and the fact that the game will be released on multiple platforms. Both promotional materials feature the tagline "Return for debriefing," indicating a continuation to the Black Ops story, however.

When Gamerplex followed up with a local GameStop outlet, the employee they spoke to confirmed that they received Call of Duty promotional materials from Activision labeled with the word "Eclipse." The employee also confirmed that Activision will be making an announcement regarding the next Call of Duty on the date seen in the aforementioned promotional materials, May 2. The official Call of Duty website, however, has been updated with an image (seen below) stating the "world reveal" will occur during TNT's broadcast of the NBA playoffs on May 1.

While Gamerplex theorizes that Eclipse may have something to do with the Zombies mode featured in Black Ops (due to an Easter Egg on the Shangri-La map that created an eclipse in the sky), Owen Good of Kotaku has a different theory.

According to Good's theory, Eclipse is likely only a code name for the upcoming Call of Duty game. But why then the "Eclipse" label? On Nov. 13, the second Tuesday in November, there will be a total solar eclipse. This is significant as Call of Duty games have traditionally been released on the first or second Tuesday in November (with the exception of the original Call of Duty, which was released on Oct. 29, 2003).

Images via The Gamerplex and Activision

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As much as I liked Black Ops, I eventually sold it because it wasn't fun anymore. I think it's better than MW3 which I still have because of my elite subscription. I feel that Treyarch does a better job at balancing the perks and weapons. Hopefully, it'll still have diving and the SR-71 Blackbird kill streak reward.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Moving from the FPS genre of gameplay, Black Ops 2, places you on the inside of hacking group that are reaking havoc around the world. Exclusive to the Xbox 360, you are not only the controller, but you are also the graphics. Using your own MIND, you create the world from the text adventure. How good your mind's eye is will greatly improve the graphics what what your potential will realise.

Using the ultra fast 'hackers' on screen keyboard developed for Black Ops2, you use the numerical keypad of a mobile phone to imput your commands, and chat to your friends in real time using TEXT!

Black Ops 2 will be a download only game, and will be exclusive for Xbox Live GOLD members. Launching with DLC that includes a endgame mission allowing the most competitive gamer to actually complete the game and regain control over the internet.

Whatever happened to Call of Duty Space Ops and Call of Duty Future Warfare? Seriously the franchise needs a complete do-over in order to stay relevant now.

gzAsher said,
Whatever happened to Call of Duty Space Ops and Call of Duty Future Warfare? Seriously the franchise needs a complete do-over in order to stay relevant now.

You mean the proposed future game in the franchise? It's rumored that's what Zampella and West wanted to make that as the next game at Infinity Ward, but Activision basically said "no" because the modern timeline is such a hit. Which is somewhat odd when you consider that Activision also wasn't sold on the original Modern Warfare, which basically ignited the Call of Duty franchise's popularity.

Blackhearted said,

Oh yes, lets trade one sub-par shooter for another sub-par shooter.

Halo is much better than Call of Duty though, at least the more recent CoD's. And I've only played Halo 1 CE on PC, Halo 2 on PC and Halo 3 on 360. CoD I've been playing all on PC. So, don't think this is some console superiority comment