Is the Motorola Moto 360 larger than advertised?

Several months ago, Google announced Android Wear, a new Android OS that would cater to wearables. Along with the announcement, LG and Motorola touted new smartwatches that would be running the new OS. Although the LG watch looked like standard fare, the Moto 360 practically reinvented the idea of what a smartwatch could look like with its round design that reflected a traditional timepiece.

While details about the device were scarce, Motorola did have a teaser site that included mockups of the device and how the Moto 360 would look on a wrist.

On the Android Developers Blog, new pictures have surfaced of a Moto 360 prototype, which shows that it might be quite a bit larger than the initial mockups. Although it’s difficult to gauge size from a picture, the new images of the Moto 360 seem to show that the dial will protrude outside the boundaries of the wearers arm.

Although we understand that what we're seeing here are mockups and prototypes, but if the watch is as large as the prototype appears, how will this influence your decision in purchasing the Moto 360?

With Google I/O scheduled for a two day event on June 25, one can only hope that the Moto 360 will be officially unveiled to end the speculation.

Source: Android Dev Blog | Image via Motorola and Android Dev Blog 

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Probably depends on the wrist it is shown on. I imagine if you have small wrist, the watch will look what was already mentioned.

Wrists come in many sizes, on me it would probably look like the first picture, on many others it would look like the second picture.

You also have to take perspective and angle into consideration. if the camera in the first pic was a bit lower, , it would appear like the second picture. remember the arm is round, the clock is flat.

I think I prefer square smart watches anyway, I don't get the deal with round ones. sqare ones can show more informaton and be a more practical size than a round one. with a round one you're effectively wasting a lot of the estate.

As for peopel who claim they have to be round to look good... umm we've had square fashion and expensive watches from all the big brands since forever. The difference is when they do it, it's purely for style and they waste screen estate, when these do it, they do it because they think it's style because it's howanalog watches look(sometimes) and they waste screen estate which is far more important on a smart watch.

Give me a nice slightly curved square one instead that's not monstrously think. maybe with a nice titanium casing and armband. That'd be a lot better than all this other crap.

Timi Cantisano said,
Agreed. But I dont think Ive seen a watch so wide that it protrudes out of the area of the wrist.

They're the same size in both pictures.