Is There a Flash Memory RAID in Your Future?

Opinion: Hard disk advocates have long looked down their noses at flash storage. But enterprise storage pros may be thinking differently about solid state, even (gasp!'' for RAID. Flash memory is catching the notice of IT storage pros, whether from dealing with the increased use of USB thumb drives by the mobile work force or pondering the speedups promised for Windows Vista. However, recently the flash talk has taken a twist: RAID.

At the recent meeting of the San Francisco SNUG (storage networking user group), the combination of flash and RAID cropped up. The presenter, Diamond Lauffin, senior vice president at Nexsan Technologies, described a hardware project he had put together: a 2GB array made from USB thumb drives.

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a 2GB array made from USB thumb drives

I have it right before me.
An array of 1 (one) 2GB flash drive.

Couldn't they make something with more space?

You can already get 4GB compact memory cards and I think you can get 4GB USB flash drives. Of course in years to come we will have much bigger flash drives but its quite good what they have done already.

you know, just the other day i was wondering if it were at all possible to create a raid config over usb and boot from it and whatnot...