Is this a Nokia Windows RT tablet prototype?

Rumours keep on surfacing that Nokia is working on a Windows tablet; Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has even dropped hints that the company is working on one. When we designed a hypothetical Nokia Windows RT tablet for a bit of fun last year, the response from our readers - and the amount of buzz that it generated across the web - suggested that plenty of people out there were interested in the idea of such a device. 

And yet, we're still waiting. Could the wait soon be over? Images posted over on WPCentral's forums claim to show a Nokia tablet, along with a list of specs for what the poster believes is a development unit. 

The rear of the device is the only place to feature any Nokia branding. The tablet is said to feature an NVIDIA Tegra 3 1.3GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, USB port, HDMI-out and integrated SIM slot, along with a 16-point touchscreen of unspecified size. One interesting point to note is that the power connector on this tablet appears similar to the wide magnetic unit used on Microsoft's Surface tablets. 

According to the poster, development of this particular tablet was abandoned due to the Tegra 3 chipset, perhaps indicating that Nokia is looking to other ARM processors, such as Tegra 4 or Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800, for a future Windows RT tablet, or possibly that the company is planning to focus on Windows 8 for its tablets instead, particularly as performance and battery life on x86 devices has improved considerably in recent months. 

We don't know whether or not these images are authentic, but like our friends over at WPCentral, we've also heard from multiple sources that at least one Windows tablet is currently in development at Nokia and will be revealed before the end of the year. 

Source: WPCentral | Images via WPCentral forum

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If Nokia develop a tablet - any tablet - how will they distribute it? Nokia only has a distribution channel for handsets and has no distribution or support for tablets. Microsoft's entry into the tablet space has been not very good so far. The experience of going into a third-party store here in Asia to get a look at Surface has been appalling - salespeople aren't trained well, don't understand the products and have no motivation to sell. It remains to be seen if Nokia can do better. They usually do.

In fact, everyone except Apple, specially Android tablets, have no fixed distribution. This explains why Apple are doing so well with what is now an older, out-of-date and technically inferior product.

I'll say that it probably WAS a prototype Nokia Windows 8 tablet since it is sporting a NVIDIA Tegra CPU. I do believe that Nokia abandoned their Windows 8 RT Tablet when Microsoft announced Surface last year. However, it doesn't mean that Nokia will not come out with another version of WinRT tablet - mabye with Snapdragon CPU.

that second picture is a surface for sure. I know they tried to be clever and put the charge cable on the left for the picture(surface charge port on the right)

neufuse said,
Same charger as the Surface?...

Similar, the cord is thicker and bigger, and the connector is on the opposite side.