ISP pulls the plug on ISOHUNT

isoHunt Web Technologies Inc the popular BitTorrent search website has been taken offline by it's Internet Service Provider. In a statement on their website, which is now hosted on a Canadian ISP they have said that it's most likely "related to our lawsuit brought by the MPAA" (Motion Picture Association of America).

They haven't ruled out going back to their original US based ISP but are also looking into a permanent move to Canada.

In an update to their original statement they ruled out moving to Sweden or Sealand with the following statement "FYI, since this is a common topic, no, moving servers to Sweden or Sealand isn't going to help. I have no intention of hiding. BitTorrent was created for legitimate distribution of large media files, and we stand by that philosophy as a search engine and aggregation. Our current ISP is in the US. Our new ISP is in Canada, where this temporary page is being served. Depending on whether we get our servers back in the US, we will be back in full operation sooner or later."

ISOHUNT serves both as a legitimate search engine for large BitTorrent files as well as a thorn for hosting torrents that enable guests to download full versions of just about anything available illegally.

View: ISOHUNT Statement

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MPAA has even agreed to let exist with its search engine despite using The Pirate Bay and other sites for its index ( ), but IsoHunt can't?

Strange... And what's IsoHunt doing wrong anyway? -They do comply to DMCA related queries of taking out material just as well as, and then their ISP just pulls their plug on a whim? It's so annoying with companies taking the law in their own hands even if the case is far from clear, and reminds me of "wannabe mods" on Neowin. :-p