It's not just you, Hotmail is having issues [Update: It's back!]

We've seen outages of varying lengths before, but it looks like Hotmail is experiencing some pretty major issues right now, with the service showing an error upon login for most users.

The hotmail status page is reporting "hotmail is having sign-in problems right now, you may see an error message," however, it doesn't explain when the issues will end or what the error is. To get around it you can click the Hotmail icon in the top navigation bar, which is working for some users.

Thanks to Binoy for sending this in!

Update: It looks like it's back! No explanation why yet, but Hotmail users can rejoice!

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i tired to access my hotmail account but M$ stated that i got hit with a huge amount of spam. So they blocked my account. i had to go thru all the blah, blah stuff to get my account unblocked, but the kicker is this, my junk filter was working correctly so i had about 500 junk mails but i had about 90'ish emails in my inbox. seeing that i did not check my hotmail account for one week i think that this is not bad, but to report spam or junk where it is suppose to be just boggles my mind.

Hotmail are always having issues. It must be all that spam that users get which is what messes it up. Gmail and others rarely has issues like this.

hotmail? heck I was having trouble with google yesterday, the main search page would load, but anytime you clicked search it had a delay then a "Search is currently not available right now" message with a sad face and a g logo

Pretty embarassing considering they are signing up ISPs to offer their ISP mail though Windows Live Hotmail

eg: Telstra Bigpond are switching all of their users from using Telstra hosted POP servers to Microsoft hosted (in Singapore) Windows Live Hotmail servers. (NOT 365)

wow, article gone from "all users" to "most"... and what about this varying lenght crap? seen much longer outage on gmail or yahoo, don't speak like it's the worst scenario in webmail history

Morden said,
never experienced any of this... working just fine right now too

I had no problems either. Glad it's back up for those affected though.