It's official - the HTC One M8 for Windows is coming to T-Mobile

Last week, HTC finally unveiled the One M8 for Windows, the long-awaited and much-rumored Windows Phone version of its Android flagship. But the launch was tinged with some frustration, as HTC's exclusive carrier partner for the device is Verizon - a disappointment for those on other networks. 

It didn't take long for AT&T to rain on Verizon's parade though, as it quickly revealed that it too will offer the handset later this year. This week, it was rumored that the device will also be making its way to Sprint and T-Mobile

Today, T-Mobile confirmed that the HTC One M8 for Windows will indeed join its line-up, coming to the carrier "this fall". 

T-Mo has set up a web page where you can sign up to be informed when the handset is available to purchase. But if that's a bit too much effort, just stay tuned to Neowin, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @NeowinFeed so we can keep you posted. 

Source and image: T-Mobile 

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I wonder if someone will manage to create a system that lets you flash back and forth between Android and Windows Phone for this then, since as far as I know it is 1:1 in both firmware and hardware for the HTC One M8 for Android.

Wow, now this is tempting. High end hardware, WP. The price will be $550 + though. Not everyone can compete with OnePlus One or the Nexus series.

I believe I saw the Microsoft Store selling this for $510 off contract after it was announced. Remember this is not NEW hardware, so you won't be paying the premium prices for off-contract purchasing, though it hasn't been out so long that you'll see clearance deals. I'm happy to see this hitting major carriers in the US over the next couple months. WP needs help with hero devices to properly compete.