It's the final day (for most people) to get cheap Windows 8 upgrades

If you haven't bought your Windows 8 upgrade to your older Windows PC yet, today might be the day to do so. You have just a few hours to get the downloadable upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 for people who have a Windows XP, Vista and 7 PC. People who bought a new Windows 7 PC between June 2nd and today also have just a few hours to get an even cheaper upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99.

Starting on February 1st, the Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available via download and at retail stores for $199.99. The regular Windows 8 upgrade edition will be priced at $119.99, while the Windows 8 Pro Pack will cost $99.99. Finally, the optional Windows 8 Media Center Pack, which can be downloaded for at the moment, will cost $9.99 starting on Friday.

We contacted Microsoft to ask exactly what time the prices would go up for the Windows 8 upgrades and were told it would happen at 2 am Pacific Time on Friday. However, it's not clear if that's worldwide or just for the US market.

As we also reported this week, qualified college students in the US will be able to get an upgrade to Windows 8 for $69.99. The offer will be extended to college students in other countries around the world over the next several weeks.

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Well I bought an upgrade key for £24.99, even though I have no use of it yet. Mostly because the MS site claimed it would be £190 after today Holy crap!

Will buy a cheap license for XP and use that to upgrade or something. £190... jeez-us.

I hope not! It does say that for the MC upgrade though which sucks. I can't get mine installed before tomorrow

I actually found a nice tid-bit of info for anyone interested, on the Microsoft site it states that the Consumer and Release Preview are VALID update platforms.

"To install Windows 8 Pro, customers must be running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Consumer Preview, or Windows 8 Release Preview"

Saves you some cash if you are looking to upgrade a machine with no current Windows license, legally.

I'm just waiting here with my popcorn in hand to see sales numbers after this price increase. As I've said before, the only reason Windows 8 sold modestly is because of its low introductory price.

Well that's too bad. I'm not buying another copy of Windows 8. The only reason I bought the first 3 was because of the price.

... except that non-OEM sales of Windows have always been a mere fraction of actual licenses sold! There's a reason why Microsoft has been moving away from boxed versions (hint: they look pretty on the store shelf, but the same shoppers buy ink more often than software this way).

Indeed. It'll be interesting to see what effect the low price had on initial sales, and how those sales are affected by the increased price.

I think a lot of people took advantage of the offer. It'd be interesting to do a poll of Neowin users to see how many would still buy Windows 8 at the post-sale price.

recursive said,
Will be interesting to see how much further the sales tank after the price hike.

The Penguin lover thinks Win8 sales are tanking? Win8 has already sold more than there are Linux desktops in use, so keep trying as hard as you like, we will always know that the number of Linux desktops in use will always be less than that rounding number used to describe the number of Win8 copies in use - you know, the one where Microsoft says they sold 60 million, but it is really something like 60,000,000 + x (where x is something like 50,000). Yea, Linux is less than x.

I got a MSDN license from someone I know. Bought it for 30 euro's. It's a full professional key, so no upgrade. Windows 8 is a great OS, but with a cancerous tumor at it's core which they called Metro/Modern. I am a desktopuser with multiple monitors, and the Metro/Modern interface is completely useless on my big setup. It's a pain to use, and especially search gave me a headache.

Start8 seems to be a good medicine, so now I can finally enjoy Windows 8 without much of the problems I had when I was forced to use the Metro interface. It's a shame we need to use 3rd party tools for basic functions, but I still hope Microsoft will learn and will not forget it's desktop powerusers.

The start menu is never coming back no matter how much people complain. I can't say I share your sentiments, I tried Start8 and found it horrid and immediately removed it. I prefer to use Win8 how it was intended and while I found the new start screen very jarring at first and hard to fathom, I quickly adapted to it and appreciate it now. The start menu has been a big part of Windows for many years and not something easily let go, but doesn't mean it should never change. I mean people always argue change for the sake of change is bad...but what about sticking with the same for the sake of it! that is equally bad and stems innovation, well I feel it does....that is my 2 cents, take with a grain of salt.

The Metro apps on a big-multiple-monitor setup with a normal keyboard and mouse are completely useless. It just doens't work with this kind of setup and is clearly not optimized. Even pinnig sucks! When you pin a Metro app to your second monitor for example, and want to open the startscreen on your first, all of the sudden your pinned app moves to the first monitor as well. That is not logical at all, and makes the Metro apps even more ueseless.

Also, search. When you want to quickly search or quick launch something by typing, you need to specify the category by clicking a small button on top of the startscreen. This is very annoying for powerusers.

Metro is great, but just not the way they integrated it for desktopusers. For a tablet I think it's a very powerfull interface.

Return those MSDN licenses immediately. That is unethical. MSDN licenses must not be shared. Its people like you that make it worst for us and Microsoft keeps dwindling the amount of licenses we are able to get. A few months ago, I was able to get 10 keys per product, now its down to 5 per product.