Itsdagram now has a free version, which you should definitely download

Instagram has left a gaping hole in the Windows Phone store, despite attempts by Nokia and Microsoft to get them to release the app. Whether an official app is on the way we just don't know, but until then Daniel Gary, the man behind Itsdagram, has us covered. 

Gary has released a free, ad-supported, version of Itsdagram that functions in all the same ways as the paid-for app except it's free. The paid version of Itsdagram has seen over 22,500 downloads in five days, making it the best selling app of the week. The free version has already garnered 668 reviews and a rating of 5/5 stars. 

With the introduction of a free version, Gary has essentially made a version of Instagram that rivals the official clients on iOS and Android. 

Read Neowin's full review of Itsdagram | Download Itsdagram free

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Is that a gradient on the top of app header? Not the most metro/modern Instagram app I've seen.
Also, doesn't seem to be available on my UK WP7.8 phone.
I'll stick with the much better looking Metrogram

Lord Method Man said,
Not having this stupid app available for Windows Phone is a huge advantage for the platform.

Culturally, yes. But not business-wise. The paid version of Itsdagram quickly became the #1 selling app in America after it was released.

I wouldn't call the Windows Store's lack of an official app that makes your pictures look like they were taken with a $10 camera on 25 cent film "a gapping hole".

It just completely baffles me that on one hand people complain that the cameras in cell phones aren't good enough then complain again that they don't have an app to make them instantly look worse.

Of course I'm old, so it's natural for me to "not get it" every now and then.

I totally agree. I've never been a fan of instagram for that very reason. I guess it gives people with ****ty camera's on their iPhones and Androids a way to make them look like they were "****ty" from the beginning by hiding that fact with a filter.

really well made app. I just tried it. he should get hired by the people at instagram and be the lead developer for the official version. good job dude.