iTunes 9 rumors suggest social networking features, Blu-Ray

If there's a technology rumor around the Internet, there's a pretty good chance it's about Apple; the company prides itself on keeping announcements secret, and with that, there are plenty of people who are willing to reveal information. This time around, we've got our hands on some rumors about the next version of Apple's media software, iTunes 9, and some of the features it could potentially pack. Boy Genius Report has the details.

They describe their source as "pretty reliable", who has tipped them off with a bunch of various upcoming features in the software. Firstly, Blu-Ray support is expected; Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, previously described the technology as a "bag of hurt", though now the company may be making a turn-around on that, as the format is becoming increasingly adopted. To add to this, it's expected that Blu-Ray will be included within the upcoming iMac revamp, so there's a pretty good chance that it'll happen.

There's another potential new feature that would satisfy a lot of people, and that is a new way of visually arranging iPhone/iPod touch applications within iTunes. It's not quite explained how this will work, but either way, it would most likely be better than the current solution. Last of all, it's expected that iTunes 9 will feature integration with Twitter, Facebook and BGR says they weren't very clearly described, but it's pretty obvious how they'll work, and the purpose they'll serve.

If you're keen on this, it's expected to hit around September, as that's when the iPod refresh usually happens.

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mdew said,
wouldn't Blu-ray support be in Quicktime rather than itunes?

I would imagine, but iTunes and Quicktime are pretty much joined at the hip... Who knows where the line is drawn anymore... LOL

tuxplorer said,
This means QuickTime X for Windows? I'm very interested in that.

Quicktime X (10)? I thought it was only up to version 7?

Apple is skipping QuickTime 8 and 9 and is calling the next version of Quicktime X ( 10 ) because its a pretty big update with a new interface! :)

And it will be coming to Windows!!!

I hope Apple optimise iTunes 9 for Windows, like they did with Safari 4, although, it's sort of too late for me now, because I've already switched to the Zune Software and found out how good it actually is

I'd rather they fix iTunes for Windows first than add "features". Stop iTunes from randomly renaming files to "01 title.mp3" even though I have already told it not to. Fix the UI under Windows XP/Vista/7 so that its actually responsive. I do not want to have to put the kettle on each time I click on the left menu. Oh gawd see what happens....I will stop now but each time I give iTunes a chance its back to MediaMonkey I go for media to sync with my iPhone and iTunes all you are good for is synching with my Outlook. When we failed as students we were held back - maybe after several EPIC FAILS Apple and Jobs should be "held back" a couple years

I would like to know why Apple web site runs like crap in IE 7 and 8?

I like watching Apple trailers but its so slow when using IE8!

If this will come in an iTunes update, isn't it about time they changed its name in that case? I know it wouldn't happen, but calling an application that links to social networking sites, lets you download TV shows and films, is the primary front-end to the iPhone, etc etc after a music player is a little daft now. I know it originally only did this, but its getting a bit silly don't you think?

Features are good, but this is like its just the one-size-fits-all program. What's the point? Eggs in one basket guys, come on.

Just call it "i". Everyones happy then

I think iTunes for Windows lost its way after v6. I remember using it with my iPod 20GB, and thought that it was reasonably fast although not as fast as other media players. Still, adequate and fast enough. Fast forward to today where I now use it for my iPhone, and we find what has become quite the steaming pile for Windows. It still works and isn't buggy, but the interface is sooo slow to todays standards. You would think that the quad-core and 6GB of ram would buy me a little more performance in a media player. Apple needs to iron these sorts of things out in incremental patches before they subject us to new features that will no doubt slow things down further.

Ah well, we will have to wait and see. Maybe everyone on the Internet and in these forums are overreacting (*gasp*, shock, horror!).

Let's see how much slower it becomes. One of the worse piece of software that so many people use because they bought a gimped Ipod.

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