iTunes Store down due to credit problem?

It looks like iTunes Store is currently down due to a credit processing problem. The issue has been reported by many Twitterers in the past 10 hours. A pop-up gives an error message whenever users try to buy Music or Video or Movies or anything from the iTunes Store.

The error message is something like this when user tries to purchase from iTunes Store

Image Courtesy: VentureBeat

But, I tried my iTunes Store and it worked without any problems. I was able to purchase and download Music from my iTunes Store Account. The only difference being, my iTunes Store Account is New Zealand based.

Are you experiencing problems with your iTunes Store? If so, please leave a comment so that it can help others

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All is well here (Australia), I bought a heap of stuff off iTunes yesterday and no issues at all...maybe it was fixed by the time I did my purchases.

i have 1 query

today for the first time i went to purchase a game called labyrinth for iphone from the app store application.

it asked me for user name and password which i entered. but i never gave my cc details to apple and the game got installed. is this normal ?

Chaks said,
hmm..thats strange

I've had that happen. It debits your account -- eventually you won't be able to buy anything further until the debt on the account is paid.

Hell...if Twitter is reporting this's got to be a problem....
What in the name of High School Football is going on here?????

Well, It would be helpful if you check your account and report if there is any problem.

I think its time to sync yourself with the social media