James Bond Activision games removed from Steam

If you purchased and downloaded the most recent James Bond game, 007 Legends, from Steam before today, you might be pretty lucky. The Steam service has now pulled all traces of the recent super-spy game from publisher Activision today, along with the two previously released James Bond games from Activision that were made for the PC.

That includes Quantum of Solace, developed by Treyarch and released in 2008, and James Bond 007: Blood Stone, released in 2010 by the now defunct Bizarre Creations. 007 Legends, which fashioned a storyline based on several previous Bond movies and the current film Skyfall, was released for the PC in November and was developed by Eurocom. The game received poor reviews and soon after its release Eurocom closed its doors.

The missing James Bond games on Steam were first noted by Steam users on the forums earlier today. The games are also missing from Activision's own PC game download store. It's possible that Activision's rights to publish James Bond games have now expired. We have contacted Activision's PR rep to obtain more information.

Previous to Activision, Electronic Arts had the rights to publish James Bond based PC and computer games.

Source: Steam | Image via Activision

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Those who have games that they purchased and now no longer is on the store, are still able to redownload the games anytime.

Steam do not remove the gamefiles. Never. They only remove the ability to buy the games on the Steam Store.

I have OutRun 2006 still on my account and it had been removed from the store for years. I have a few other games that is no longer on the store.

This is what is wrong w/ the 'cloud' or online digital distribution in general.

1. This would NEVER happen in retail. Unless a game is infringing copyright and the courts force the game to be pulled or causes controversy like the GTA Hot Coffee mod, Gamestop would never STOP selling hard copies of past 007 games.

2. Right now, these digital distribution systems 'let' you still download games in 'your' library. Take a second look at the double quotes around the word 'your' library. If you read the EULA, it is NOT your library. Right now, they are gracefully letting you keep the copies. If they stop making hard-copies of games altogether sometime in the future, there will be no reason for copyright holders to then tighten the grip even further and go on to say "Well....since this past game doesn't have the current license, remove it from EVERYONE"

I'd say it's more of a problem with copyright and other legal nasties rather than the cloud being directly at fault. That's not to say the cloud doesn't have it's share of problems though...

Steam does not remove purchased copies of the games for your personal libraries. They only remove it from the store which means it is not available for further purchase. I have Crysis 2 and Mafia 1 both of which were removed. I can re-download them even now anytime I want. So if you have bought any of these James Bond Games on steam, it is your to keep and download and install anytime you want.

That's why you want to keep your old games installed and/or backed up and not rely on the cloud only.

Now imagine what would happen if the media industry had their way of digital-only and digital purchases not being transferable (in the EU they have to be. If a store doesn't let you, they violate laws)
Retro gaming would take a hit, because you can't buy a game once it's too old.
Buying accounts is half-assed and many stores will not allow that.


As far as I understand it, those who purchased those games will still be able to install them, regardless of whether they're on the store anymore.

At least, I've installed NWN2 more recently. Didn't realize it wasn't on the store anymore.