James Corden's Windows Phone 8 TV ad debuts

This past weekend, it was revealed that the UK division of Microsoft would kick off its Windows Phone 8 TV commercial blitz this week with an advert featuring well known UK actor and presenter James Corden. Now that TV ad has made its debut online.

The 31 second commercial follows Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 marketing formula on focusing on the Live Tiles feature in the mobile OS, which began with a video showing off the Windows Phone 8 screen of its CEO Steve Ballmer. In this new video, Corden's HTC Windows Phone 8X device is shown doing some "serious" work such as listening to Shakespeare via Audible.com or doing research on Wikipedia.

That all changes when Corden discovers that he can play Xbox games on his new smartphone. Yes, the idea of a smartphone being used as a gaming device is shown as a huge new feature in this commerical. Corden expresses a lot of surprise and delight in this new "discovery." Maybe he has never owned a smartphone before now. Hey, it's possible.

In any case, the promised Windows Phone 8 ads featuring music artists Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani have yet to appear. We assume they will be equally as impressed as Corden with their own Live Tiles.

Source: Windows Phone UK on YouTube

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I've tried to love it, even like it. But the more I see it advertised, the uglier it seems to become. And yes, I mean Windows 8, not James Corden.

I love this advert! ....Mind you, that's primarily because my name appears on one of the live tiles!!!! (Hmmm.... I wonder if that entitles me to any royalties... or at the very least a free Window's Phone??!)

It would be nice if these people actually will continue to use Windows Phone going forward. How terrible would it be if these people were seen using their iPhone a week later.

win2000b said,
It's pretty funny though that if you look him up in twitter he uses a blackberry!!!

Funny: ha ha? or funny: sad?

Good commercial Does what I like in an advert - tells you loads of the features, and doesn't try to stick the boot in to the competition. Good work Microsoft.