James Franco showing sperm on Surface is the pinnacle of Microsoft product placement

Several television shows have featured Microsoft's Surface tablet since it launched last year, though "The Mindy Project" likely featured it best last week.

“Arrow,” “Elementary,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Under the Dome” are among the shows to feature Microsoft’s tablet for product placement, though most simply show it being used for basic input. “The Mindy Project” went a little further than that.

James Franco, who guest starred on the episode, showed a video of his character’s sperm on the Surface tablet to a couple trying to conceive. Franco’s sperm wasn’t just any sperm in the scene in question, which begins at about the 4-minute mark in the episode, as the Surface tablet showed the glowing reproductive juices swimming around to exciting music and an energetic background.

The episode originally aired Sept. 17, though non-subscribing Hulu users were just granted access on Wednesday to play it. Currently the episode can only be streamed by U.S. users, but a screenshot of the scene in question can be seen above.

With Microsoft having just announced the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, is there any chance Franco can serve as the tablet line’s spokesman? One can only hope.

Image via Hulu

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i supposed you can flick the sperms towards an egg. just to show off surface's touch screen capability. woo. hoo.

Very funny!

Albert said,
i supposed you can flick the sperms towards an egg. just to show off surface's touch screen capability. woo. hoo.

Love Microsoft for doing this. Very tongue in cheek, and hilarious.

Not sure if I would have the nerve to do this, I remember Ratner doing a similar thing in the 80s which didn't end well.

I wonder if it's legal to pay promotional consideration to have one of your competitors products in a scene that makes it look plebian/uncool/clunky. I keep looking to the credits every time I see one of these PC placements.

NoClipMode said,
Meh, video can only be viewed in U.S.

Yeah, I made sure to note that in the article and provide a screenshot. Sorry -- nothing we can do about it, since a recorded clip would just be taken down at the request of the TV studios who make the show.