January AdDuplex: Low end drives growth, Nokia still king, new devices uncovered

The AdDuplex report for January will get published tomorrow but we got an early look at how the Windows Phone ecosystem has changed since last year.

First up, there’s nothing really surprising going on, and there haven’t been any major changes. That being said, this new report further confirms the trends we saw throughout the whole of 2013.

Last year, the launch of the Lumia 520 made quite a splash and its sales were the driving force behind Windows Phone's marketshare gains. However, this little handset's adoption rate seems to have slowed considerably in 2014. In fact, the Lumia 520 only grew by 0.2% when compared to December.

The new rising star seems to be the low-end Lumia 625 that has grown by 0.4% month over month and has started to ship in greater numbers around the world. In the UK, it now owns 6.4% of the market, while in France, that number goes up to 9.5%. Considering that last month this phone barely made it in the charts, this is some remarkable growth for the device.

Interesting to note is that the Lumia 1020 also seems to be doing quite well, reaching the top 10 in a few countries. In Australia, its most successful market, it now accounts for 6.3% of all Windows Phones. It also seems to be doing somewhat well in the UK and Germany with 3% marketshare in each. Of course, these aren’t big numbers but considering its high price tag, limited availability and absence from last month’s charts, this growth bodes well for the Nokia flagship.

In terms of OEMs, the picture is pretty much unchanged. Nokia has gained another 0.2% and now accounts for 92.3% of the Windows Phone ecosystem. Other OEMs like HTC and Samsung have had greatly discounted handsets on sale, accounting for a few spikes in certain markets but overall the picture is clear and Nokia – soon to be Microsoft - owns it.

Another interesting tidbit of info from this report is the distribution of OS versions. While Windows Phone 8 is still eating up the WP7 base, albeit very slowly there's also some disparity inside Windows Phone 8 itself. Most people are running GDR2/Lumia Amber on their phones, while 18% of users are still stuck at GDR1 which is almost a year old. Only 14.7% percent of users are running the current GDR3/Lumia Black version of Windows Phone.

Finally, the AdDuplex report also mentions some unknown devices. First up is the Samsung SM-W750V, which we’ve seen pop-up before. The phone features a Full HD screen at 1920 x 1080 resolution. While originally the handset was thought to have a 5-inch screen, the version that shows up in the AdDuplex data only points to a 4.3 inches.

Secondly, there’s the mention of a Nokia RM-997 device with a 4-inch screen at 800x480 resolution. This one only shows up in China so judging that bit of information, it’s a low-end device for developing markets.

Both handsets are running Windows Phone 8.0 so there’s no new info on Microsoft next mobile OS version.

Be sure to check out the full report tomorrow at the AdDuplex Blog.

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That is odd, although the majority are definitely not nokias. Pretty much all nokias have received update 2 by now, except for the following:

Lumia 620 - Koodo (Canada) / update 3 incoming
Lumia 920 - SFR / update 3 available
Lumia 520 - 3 Italy / update 3 incoming
Lumia 720 - Wind (Italy) / update 3 incoming
Lumia 720 - Cambodia / update 3 not available

Fritzly said,
It seems weird that 18% of the,devices are still with GDR1. Updates are pushed to devices..

Users still need Data or WiFi and the ability to click Ok.

It's interesting to see the 625 start to grow as it's a big screened yet low end device, makes me wonder about the 1320 which is also another low priced yet big screened device.

Anyways they need to bring out WP8.1 updates to the 7xx, 8xx and 9xx line next.

The 1320 is a mid-end device. Not even close to low-end as 620/520.

BTW? Why do they need to bring WP8.1 to the 7xx, 8xx and 9xx ranch? What about 5xx, 6xx, 10xx, 13xx and 15xx?

Studio384 said,
The 1320 is a mid-end device. Not even close to low-end as 620/520.

BTW? Why do they need to bring WP8.1 to the 7xx, 8xx and 9xx ranch? What about 5xx, 6xx, 10xx, 13xx and 15xx?

The 5xx, 6xx and the 1520, 1320 have either just come out or have gotten updates already like the 525 and the 625. So they've refreshed the low-end once already while releasing the new phablets not that long ago. There hasn't been a real new model for the midrange and so called flagship 7xx-9xx line. They need to target that first with WP8.1 IMO, like a new flagship 940 and a midrange 840.