Japan Building New Internet

Japan is developing a new generation of network architecture to replace the internet, according to the country's Communications minister, Yoshihide Suga. Mr Suga's department is currently seeking a 7.8 billion yen commitment in the next budget to begin researching the technology, which it hopes to rollout commercially in 2020. Alongside the vast sums of money, the Japanese government will also be looking to form partnerships with leading businesses and academic institutions to promote the technology.

The Japanese minister, speaking to reporters in Brazil, said that the research was a response to the challenges likely to be faced by the internet in the next century, including a need for higher bandwidth, stronger security and a more stable network. The new network will place Japan at the forefront of internet development, a position Mr Suga believes will only enhance Japanese competitiveness in global markets. The country already has a standing "e-Japan" policy which aims to create a country-wide network connecting every networked device, whether it be a mobile phone or radio tagged container.

News source: PC Pro UK

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we don't need 'new' internet.
We need faster download speeds (which are acheivable!)

Funny thing is

What's the use if I have a 1GB connection if my modem supports 11mb, my line supports 2mb, and the website is capped at 5mb?

Plus even if you DID have a 1gb connection, you'd then be limited by your pc's speed.

For all you naysayers, I give you food for thought, and a worthy competitor to Japans ambitous technology policy: Australia, spending circa the same amount for what effectively (or is that innefectively) one expensive proxy. This is what we have to contend with here:

Student cracks Government's $84m porn filter

I'll take a forward thinking goverment and technology research and development over idiocy any day of the week.

My 2c.

I support this initiative, the world needs a better "standard"... lets say Internet 2.0 Japan its a excellent candidate to do so!.... better bandwidth and better network. Also this would make a lot more easy to clean up the trash we find these days online.

Pressing "restart" on the internet and creating a new one is going to be hard to push out... if you look how the internet has developed over the years and continues to do so I see no real need for this. All I can see a "new internet" doing is creating more boundaries in whats possible by trying to standardize it too much

This is basicly a large backbone infrastructure replacement program. Don't let the political hot air about replacing the internet fool you: nobody's actualy going to try and re-invent the wheel here. They're going to lay a hell of a lot of new high-capacity fibre and put in a lot of cutting-edge switching hardware, but they won't be "replacing" the Internet per se. They'll just build a faster, newer, shineyer Internet and call it something else. Something in Engrish, no doubt.