Japan getting 256GB Surface Pro, includes Office 2013

Microsoft has revealed that the Surface Pro will be coming to Japan on June 7th, and the localized version of the Intel-powered tablet differs slightly from what you can get in a Western market. For starters, Microsoft is offering a 256 GB model as well as a 128 GB model, with no option to purchase a 64 GB unit. Pricing starts at ¥119,800 (US$1,170) and ¥99,800 (US$975) for the 256 GB and 128 GB models respectively.

Bundled with any Surface Pro in the country is the full version of Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Business, which comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. In the United States, for example, the only Surface model that comes with Office pre-installed is the Surface RT, however Japanese buyers get the added bonus of Microsoft's productivity suite when purchasing the Pro.

Also available are a range of exclusive Touch Covers for Japan, which bring new and interesting styles to those who want something different from the standard colored SKUs. While the Surface Pro itself is a special, localized model containing up to 256 GB of storage, the rest of the specifications including the 3rd-generation Intel Core processor remain the same.

Source: Microsoft Store via: LiveSide

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siah1214 said,

I guess they should start celling lamborghinis for civic prices too, huh?

well.. i sure would buy one if that were the case

I'm guessing they're going to ditch the 64GB model for a Pro 2 version in the future. Prices are coming down so they can stick to the current price points but offer more space.

They could have offered 256GB on the original surface pro for the initial launch. The prices for SSDs haven't changed very much since January and 64GB is just pathetic.

norseman said,
This is my tablet... Just include a Haswell CPU!

and mobile internet for the people who want to use a tablet not just at home maybe. no no tethering

JohnCz said,
Hawell yes and 8GB ram please. 256GB is not a must have for me because I utilize network storage extensively.
8GB of RAM...for what? Most laptops only need 4GB tops. What would you do with 8GB?