Japan is aiming to launch 5G by 2020

Japan is aiming to launch 5G by 2020 ahead of other countries with support from the Japanese government. Japan is hoping to become the industry leader in 5G, paving the way for other countries to adopt its 5G technology as a global standard.

According to Nikkei:

The Communications Ministry intends to meet with private-sector companies as early as this year to discuss development of 5G technologies. The three big mobile carriers -- NTT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank -- are expected to participate, as are manufacturers of handsets and base stations, including Panasonic, Sharp and Fujitsu. The ministry may seek funds for development of 5G phones in the fiscal 2015 budget.

Theoretically, 5G mobile networks will be able to provide a transfer speed of ten gigabits a second, which is a monstrous amount of data compared to current 4G data transfer rates. The data speed is in anticipation for the impending possibility and availability of ultra high-definition media that will become standard in a few years.

Japan seems to be pushing the envelope when it comes to new technologies and its 2020 deadline. Currently, Japan also has plans in unveiling new 8K-resolution technology that is being developed by Toshiba and NTT. This will be primarily used for the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics.

While Europe, South Korea, and others countries are at a similar stage in their 5G developments, there has not been a formal announcement as to which technology they will use.

Source: Nikkei | 5G image via Shutterstock

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Here in Germany, where I live, 3 of 4 mobile operators provide 4G.
Back in Bulgaria (South-Eastern Europe, my home country) 3 of 3 mobile operators DO NOT provide 4G, albeit they have expressed intentions to do so. Only one provider gives us 4G since recently and it's only for data. And yes, we are speaking about 100Mbps LTE, not the 1000Mbps LTE Advanced true 4G ...

5G.... so people will burn their allotted data in a couple of seconds and will be charged for the extra amount. A Nirvana for carriers....

urengoy said,
"While other countries like Europe, South Korea...". Since when Europe become a country?

Ever since Africa became a country.

is 5g what they're calling the actual 4g now? because true 4g doesn't exist yet, we're still on like 3.8g or somewhere around there

I remember when Japan was all high tech and had giant robots and stuff. I hope they can get back to those days.

Meh, the current "4G" technologies aren't even formally recognized as 4G but the telecoms pushed for it to be called 4G anyway

AT&T could start selling 5G tomorrow, they just have to put some kind of firy logo on the box and claim it has "enhanced backhaul."

How do you like it? Personally, I haven't seen any advantages of 3g yet. There's usually a high speed WiFi connection wherever I go.

Its not commercially launched yet and test results shown by employees, it was 58 Mbps DL. Remember that Pakistan average broadband DL is 2.32 Mbps.

That's not true. Ufone's 3g service has been available here since last month. And those speeds. 58 Mbps downlink does not even fall into 3g category. HSPA+ peaks out at 56 Mbps so that is like 4G LTE range. The maximum speeds Ufone offers in 3Mbps but I've only managed to get about 1.5-1.6Mbps on my phone.

one world sums it up... commercial launch... which didn't happen since last month.. It only happened approximately 2 weeks ago.
Yes, Warid is testing 4G LTE, Telenor tested HSPA+ rather than LTE. It peaked at 44 Mbps.