Japanese Citizens get Cell Tower Removed for Health Reasons

NTT DoCoMo Kansa, Inc will be removing a tower that it installed in a local bus station December 2005. About 40 residents of Kawanishi, Hyogo formed a group to eliminate pollution triggered by electromagnetic waves. They claimed that after the tower was installed many people had problems with headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure and also ear ringing.

They filed a request for arbitration with the Osaka Summary Court and on Monday reached a settlement with NTT DoCoMo. NTT DoCoMo claims that these symptoms were not a cause of their tower and is pulling out because the bus station has decided not to renew their lease for the tower.

What do you think about the radiation omitting from Cell towers? Do you think they will find links between the radiation from the towers and illnesses with the general population?

News Source: Textually.org

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ahhell said,
So what cell phone company do you work for? :rolleyes:

So what anti-cell phone organisation do you support? :rolleyes:

There are various points on both sides of this argument supported by scientific studies, just because one doesen't say what you want it to does not mean that they are working for a phone company.

x2p said,
In england we just tare them down lol.

At which point the people who did it get sued or have criminal damage charges filed against them, thats to say if what you claim actually happened and isen't just bravado.

If only... all the primary schools had them removed, because of parents complaining. But Orange still managed to get one down a busy road even with protesters there when they put it up.

I saw a documentary once where they got a load of people who "suffer" from mobile phone radiation and put them in a house near a mobile phone mast to see how quickly they got ill.

Of course they all suffered illness very quickly (headaches etc.)

They were a little embarrassed when it was revealed that the mast was fake and there was no radiation, all the "illness" was psychological.

I'd be more worried if you live near to an electricity pylon... as i think they actually have been proved to cause health problems.

I've participated in several EME surveys, most of which measured significantly higher radiation exposure levels from overhead power lines than from cell towers. The FCC / OSHA have specific guidelines regarding safe, continuos RF exposure limits and several of the surveys I've seen demonstrate 100KVA overhead transmission lines at greater than 200% of the limit. The output from a 1900 MHz / 50 watt transmitter with a radiation height of 50 feet above ground when measured at ground level and 100 feet from the base of the tower was less than 30% of the limit. Microcells such as the ones found in buildings, subways, tunnels and other confined spaces rarely exceed 5 watts and measurements taken directly in front of the antennae are in the 25-50% range. So if you had to choose, would you rather have a cell site or power lines overhead?

My personal opinion is that the vast majority of complaints regarding pain or discomfort are psychosomatic since I've seen people who've not experienced any alleged effects to RF exposure only complain after they learn they are near a cell tower. These same people have microwave ovens in their houses- and have had them for years- and experience none of the effects the cell towers are alleged to cause yet microwave ovens radiate 400 to 1000+ watts of energy internally and measured levels in front of the oven can approach 100% in the higher-wattage units.

I believe these people equate RF radiation with atomic related radiation / particle emissions and high-energy electro-magnetic radiation such as gamma and x-rays, which is far from true. The former does not strip electrons from atoms or add neutrons to the nucleus but it is called 'radiation' therefore it is bad for you, like the latter.

I would think radiation of any kind would harm our bodies at some point. Depending how much radiation we absorb/exposed too.

Life has evolved over millions of years to tolerate (arguably need) natural levels of radiation.

We tend to panic too much when we hear words like "radiation" or "nuclear", just this morning Radio 4 had a programme discussing how the Chernobyl disaster wasn't nearly as bad as the most optimistic expectations at the time.

It is usually common sense that these radiating cellphone base stations or power lines are not good for your health. Who really wants to go ahead and live 20 meters away from a base station for a year or two? I am pretty sure it will not decrease your chances to develop brain cancer...

who cares what it emits. If the residence dont want it up where they live, they should have a say. Just cause its a business doesnt mean that they can build whatever where-ever they want. Usually it does, but i believe that the people who live in the area should have a say, reasonable or not, they should have a say.

- Kaboose - said,
just because not enough adequate research have been performed...doesnt mean it not a health hazard

The usual standard is to prove something true, not false.

Nuclear, solar and other forms of radiation were not considered a potential health risk until proven so - why is electromagnetic any likely to prove different. True, the power of these emissions are not very high but there is evidence to show the phone user is at risk.

so is any other wireless tech gonna cause cancer or other pains? 360s, wireless routers and such? does it use the same kinda stuff?

its seems like everything causes cancer these days. What doesnt cause cancer?

back to topic, i hope they feel better with that thing gone whether it really did cause it or not.

Another ironic but interesting point is that all these "health problems" these towers cause, have created research that has proved little in low power everyday cases we are all exposed to.... but have actually sparked interesting studies into regrowing cells and repairing the body. As when tests were done at extreme levels much higher than you would ever be exposed to it created incredible results.

Ofcourse they have. And next thing you'll hear is Tobacco cures Heart Disease right? How likely do you think that the same people profiteering from such devices are going to discover something inherently dangerous in it.

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