JLC's Internet TV 1.0 Beta 5b

JLC's Internet TV is a program for watching free online TV channels. It automatically finds over 1300 channels and have an online updater to keep the channel list updated.


* Watch over 1300 online TV channels for free!
* User friendly interface with inbuilt channel list.
* Channel updater which keeps your list synchronized with the list at World Wide Internet TV
* Program updater automatically keeps your program up to date.
* Powerful search function lets you easily find any channel.
* Favorite list to keep a track of your favorite channels.
* Absolutely NO spyware/adware or malware included!


* Windows Media Player
* Real Player

Version 1.0 Beta 5b changes:

- Fixed: Favorites didn't work (silly mistake)
- Fixed: Fixed update check bug after updating...

Download: JLC's Internet TV 1.0 Beta 5b freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here <<

View: JLC Software Home Page

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This program is great. It does what it says, and offers for free what a few other program developers ask money for. Never had any problems with it. GUI is easy to use and simple.

Personally I think the value of that 'program' is its list of streaming videos. Can't say I care too much about the rest of it.

XerXis said,
something tells me that's a 5 minute programming job

actually, this software has been around for some time. you should check it out before saying anything. you shouldn't post just for posting...

There's more than a few of these internet TV programs that all look exactly the same but were suppossedly made by different people.

Someone made an app then all these other people take it and change the credits around to look like they did it.

Every time I've seen this one updated another one comes out a few days later that looks EXACTLY the same. Yet it was apparently made a different person.

I think that's what he's talking about with 5 minute programming job. Most of the channels in it are religious channels.