John Romero leaves Midway

After reports started popping up yesterday on Computer Games Magazine that John Romero had left Midway, John Romero himself responded to the rumors. Originally contacted by Bluesnews about this rumor, The Romero responded in his forums:

Hey guys, I can definitely confirm that I have left Midway - I've been gone for about 3 weeks and Rhaluka and I have been traveling around and having fun together (a sort of honeymoon without going to tropical destinations).

Midway says that development of Gauntlet hasn't been impacted by my departure and is scheduled to ship this fall. I can't say anything more about the situation and hope you all understand.

I'm currently looking at lots of exciting developments right now and it'll be a couple months before I can announce my next destination.

News source: Bluesnews

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Ha. No one will ever forgive Romero for Daikantana I guess. I for one let that go a longgggg time ago. I mean, sure the game wasn't "that great" but it wasn't "that bad" either really. Heh, he did after all help create two of the biggest games of all time. So, I give him the thumbs up.